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Happy Friday the 13th! I’m not really superstitious, but if you are, then good luck today! Stay away from black cats and ladders. My Favorites are short and sweet this week. It’s been a crazy busy week and the weekend has lots going on I need to prep for! Plus I posted lots this week, check it out on the bottom.

one//¬†Jack’s Birthday. We celebrated Jack’s birthday with just our immediate family on Wednesday. It was a super snowy day, which was exactly like he wished for! We celebrated with his perfect dinner of homemade fettuccine alfredo, steamed broccoli, strawberries, raspberries, garlic toast, and salted caramel brownies. A man knows what he wants I guess. ūüėČ However, I was a little bummed, it was the first time I didn’t decorate a cake for him. Oh well, a candle in a brownie was his wish and that’s what counts.

He is having a kid party over the weekend, so I’ll be preparing for that! Thankfully there’s only a few guests this year. Wish me luck! Tons more¬†details next week.

two//¬†Giveaway going on over on my Instagram page! I reviewed Bird Rock Baby moccasins this past week, and I get to giveaway one winner a pair of their own! Winner¬†gets to pick out the style, color, and size. Even if you don’t have a little one, go enter! They’re a perfect baby shower present!

three//¬†Chili and Cornbread. Monday it snowed all day, which meant the perfect night for a hot slow cooked dinner of chili and cornbread. I’ll admit the chili was not that good, so no recipe to pass along. In fact, Caleb made the absolute best chili we’ve ever eaten years ago and we lost the recipe so we’ve been testing out recipes ever since until we found something similar. Sad to report we are still looking, which doesn’t seem like a favorite at all ha! But the cornbread was. I’ve never had fresh homemade cornbread before. People I’ve been missing out. Warm, sweet, and buttery. Yum, yum, yum! Definitely will be going on the rotation. Plus super easy! Double batch though next time.

My sous chefs. Harv was so proud! And the love that he has for Daddy is pretty amazing <3

four//¬†Harvey’s first time sledding! Caleb was the best Daddy ever. He was gone picking up Jack from school and while away, Carson and Ava decided they wanted to go sledding. Well this broke little Harv’s heart as he loves going outside and was completely fascinated with sledding. So I volunteered Caleb to be the one to deal with the cold and off they went. Harv was a happy little guy! Shoveling and sledding were a double thumbs up.

Don’t worry, he was actually holding on to Harv the whole time.

five//¬†Date night. Caleb and I have trying to be more intentional (oh hey, word of the year) about our time spent together. So we’ve been working hard to get all our chores, responsibilities, etc finished as soon as possible so after bed time we can just be together. It blew up in our face on Wednesday, but last night was better. Here’s to more good nights!


Our weekend is plump full, plus bonus for an extra day off Monday! What are you up to over the  long weekend? Big plans or just hanging out? Would love to hear!


In case you missed it. Here’s this week’s posts, there was lots! Happy reading!


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6 thoughts on “5 Friday Favorites | 25

  1. Happy birthday Jack!! I have been craving chili and with the temperatures getting down lower I think it is a greta time for it. I’ve never made corn bread to go with it but that sounds lovely and I think I will have to cook some up!

    1. Thanks I’ll pass along the message and ooo glad to help with the meal plan! Try out the Jiffy Box in the boxed cake aisle (at the top shelves) it’s an easy one to make at home! Scratch is work ha. Have a lovely weekend!

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