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I don’t need to tell you this, but it’s Friday and I’m so glad to be done with this week – at least the work week. I took a much needed break from the blog this week as my “real” job was getting in the way. Luckily for you though, this is a long post filled with lots of wonderful things! Hmm, maybe not lucky for you ūüėČ

one//¬†Bryn’s wedding!

Caleb’s cousin got married over the weekend! It was the sweetest small wedding. First of all, I’m definitely becoming a lover of winter weddings. Who knew? I love the deep rich colors (which is so against my traditional style) and the flowers are always so unique, plus it gets darker earlier changing the ambiance. This was no exception. The ceremony and reception¬†were all in the same venue, which I think makes it super convenient for guests!

It was vintage style wedding with merlot colored bridesmaid dresses. It was lovely and I’m so happy for Bryn & Tim. She’s also officially joining the Step Mom club now too! Which I of course welcomed her into and her look was oh yes, the Mom part is fun, the ex part isn’t. Yea. It’s good and bad.

Any woo, I’m pretty bias, but the absolute best part of the wedding? Besides dancing with my Caleb – was watching Harv steal the show. Sorry Bryn. He was a dancing party animal. He was so excited to dance in the middle of the dance floor with all the lights all.night.long. Seriously people we got home at like midnight. It was a long cranky weekend afterward, but completely worth it!

Harvey impatiently waiting to bust a move.
Good thing Bryn didn’t rely on me for photography!

Jack on the other hand was definitely NOT into the dancing, but the chatting with Caleb’s relatives. They grow so fast. #tear.


two//¬†Carson’s First Band Concert!

Carson started playing the trombone this Fall and if I’m being totally honest, I never thought he’d make it to October. I fully take that back as it’s January, he’s still playing away, and even had his first official concert on Tuesday! Oh my gosh I was so proud! He looked so handsome up there and he played so well (for a professional trombone player of 5 months long). They played 4 songs total and he really was focused and doing exactly what he should. It was awesome!

Harv on the flip side did not think it was so exciting or awesome, as he was covering his ears every time a song was played. Ha. Jack and Ava thought this was HILARIOUS. Go figure.

The night was actually a triple whammy (ha yes I said that), as a Middle School information night was held right before the concert. Caleb and I were a little out of sorts as we learned about all that Carson would be doing in MS next year. People we almost have a middle schooler.

I’m not sure what to do with this information. I’m thrilled and sad all at the same time. You know, (Step)Mom feelings. I’m thrilled because I used to teach at the middle school he’ll be going to and there was lots that I’m really excited for him about and I also really love the age. Yes. You heard right. I love middle schoolers. In a healthy-non-weird-kind of way. I just think they’re cool and fun. I can’t wait till all our bigs are middle schoolers & high schoolers! Seriously.

After the concert, we celebrated a successful concert & excitement of middle school things to come with ice cream of course. Once again, Harv stole the show and thoroughly enjoyed this part of the evening. Mom’s white sweater did not.

three// Jack & Harvey Toy Adventures.

For Jack’s birthday, he pretty much told everyone possible he wanted this specific Lego set. Well, when a child does that, it’s guaranteed that they’ll get duplicates. This was no exception. So he was thrilled when I said he could go exchange it and pick something new out. He was even more thrilled when I realized we had $15 on our rewards card to spend with it. Per his mother’s request (that’s me), he did end up splitting the $15 with Harv!

So we spent a good hour wandering Toys R Us, trying to¬†make the best decision. Jack made the “best” decision in under 5 minutes, I blame Harv on the rest. Ok really, me. Harv would’ve taken the whole store. I wanted something that would last more than the car ride home. Jack picked out a new Xbox game – Farming Simulator 2017 and Harv got a Little People Tractor. You know keeping in the same theme ūüėČ

The best part? I used to have little adventures like this all the time with Jack when he was little. It was so nice to be able to do it with Harv AND Jack. Sometimes I feel like I have so much going on and we’re all so busy we don’t just slow down. It was nice to do that with my boys.

psst. not sponsored – just telling you what the boys are loving right now.

four// Date Night!

No explanation necessary. I got a night out on the town with my Love & NO BABIES! That alone is a win. We went to dinner and I had chicken and queso fajitas, which I’m pretty sure does not qualify as anything in the vegan, Whole 30, or paleo diet, but I don’t care they were amazing. We then jaunted over to the Nothing Bundt Cake by the restaurant and brought home a bunch of little bundlets for the kids to share, me to enjoy, and one for the babysitter! Red Velvet & White Chocolate Raspberry are among are top favorites!

It was only a few hours, but so good for Caleb and I just to be together especially on #nationalspouseday. Plus when we got home, we got a wonderful report from our babysitter (whom we love and adore), and Harv was so excited to see us! It was the first time he’s ever had a babysitter that wasn’t a family member so Caleb and I were a little concerned, but all went well.

five// Semester End!

This semester kicked my butt (and Caleb’s – a teacher husband is a big commitment people). I had FOUR new classes to teach, a stricter schedule than we’ve been used to in years, a new teacher evaluation program, and about half of our teachers were new and a few were brand new.

The last week of the semester is always the worse. Kids seem to come out of hiding and expect to take their Math grade from an F to an A in a week and usually I’m a frantic mess. Our school is rated on our pass rates, it’s stressful. Anyway, I set my self up for a crap week, scheduled¬†mental check ins, and plans to keep myself stressless (including less blog posts – sorry!). Thankfully it all worked and no cranky mom/wife meaning “happy life”.

Bonus, my kids worked really hard during the whole semester so there was less panic! It was so nice. Having this posted around my “virtual” classroom helped lots ha!

All in all, I’m so thankful to have this semester behind me (and us!), a better schedule next semester and just be able to breathe.


Carson & Caleb have a big weekend coming up with the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, other than that we’re laying low and I’m all about it.¬†How was your week? What favorites do you have? Make time for a date or some family time? I’d love to hear!


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  1. I can relate! My husband and I are both teachers, so the end of the semester is always so stressful! Also, that red velvet dessert looks divine. Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow! You definitely had a jam packed week! Yay for date night! And those little cakes look so yum!! Love your about me too! A wedding for 150 people in 41 days?! You are a machine! I’ve always thought about looking into online teaching. Would love to find something that could allow me to work more remotely from the road!

    1. I think they all are that busy with all the kid! Ha yes I get the 41 days a lot… It was intense that’s for sure! You should really look into, it’s such an awesome fit and the transition was no where near as difficult as I originally thought! Thanks for stopping!

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