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I apparently definitely and completely jinxed us Minnesotaners last week and I am oh so excited about it! Snow is a coming! This Mama is happy. The last few weeks of 60º has been the absolute best way to break up the long and usually dreary February, but I miss my winter. It’s back! I will attest that if every February had a few weeks of 60º, more people wouldn’t despise MN winters so much. Just saying Mother Nature. You did good this year. Real good. The rest of my favorites though? I’ve got a bunch of great ones today!

one// Linktr.ee Ok I almost hate to share this one. This is my absolute favorite thing I’ve fallen in love with lately! This one is for all my bloggers out there. Linktree is a website that connects to your Instagram to hold multiple links. Let my explain further.

You post the link provided from linktree into your Instagram profile, then when someone clicks on your link it takes them to the link tree sight where it holds as many links as you want or have manually listed already. The visitor can choose what link they want to read! I love it. It’s so simple and user friendly! Yes I realize, some readers prefer to have direct links, but I love they have full access to whatever they want to read!

Here’s a preview of what a visitor would see when accessing my link:


I also love that you can customize it to a certain extent. I have mine fairly basic, but there are color schemes that you could coordinate with a blog scheme! The admin view and settings is super user friendly as well. Click the +Add New Button/Link. Create a title, copy and paste the link, and slide the button over so it highlights green on the right hand side. Done.


Don’t like it? Trash it.

Want to rearrange the order to highlight a specific post on the top? Grab the black button with three dots on the left and move it around. Seriously so SIMPLE!

The absolute best part?! It’s free. Yep. It’s free. Which is why I hate to share it. As soon as it gets popular and enough users, I’m guessing they’ll start charging, as any smart company would. But for now? It’s free free free.

two// Electric Scooters. The big kids got electric scooters from my parents for a Christmas present. The last time they got scooters Caleb and I didn’t even know each other, so they were pretty old, decrepit, and honestly one was missing a wheel and another was missing a handle. So I’d say it was way overdue. When the kids opened them at Christmas, they were excited and not all at the same time, because well winter in MN isn’t really scooter appropriate. Into storage they went.

WELL…. with a 60 degree 5 day weekend, Caleb busted those babies out of storage, assembled and charged them! Then him and I decided it was necessary (you know for safety purposes) to test them in the basement. On the carpet. ONE of us did a burn out. AND wrecked the carpet. #guilty #oops

Anyway, the kids rode them everywhere and had a blast!

This girl is FEARLESS. Oi. She started on Dad style tricks real fast.

Harv also needed to be included.

Yes, that’s a baseball helmet (insert laughing till you cry emoji). It’s the only helmet we have that’s little enough and it was spur of the moment situation! He’ll get a real helmet for the spring. Promise. Any suggestions??

three// Gilmore Girls. Back in November, I talked about my reinstated obsession with Gilmore Girls. I had decided to re-watch the entire series in preparation for the new episodes. Well… 4 months later I finally finished the original series! Ha. Never would’ve guessed it would’ve taken me so stinkin long. But it did. Anyway I cried. Ha. It’s oh so good and the fact that some of the main characters have passed away or moved on, made the end so different than any other time I’ve watched it. I will be now be attempting to find time to binge on the new miniseries. I cannot wait! Wish me luck!

four// Busy Weekend! This past weekend was chocked full exciting things that were completely out of the ordinary. The biggest thing was Jack’s Heart Camp, which also dictated the rest of the weekend. Look for camp details next week!

With camp being in Wisconsin; Harvey, Jack, me and my Mom drove out there on Saturday to visit my Mom’s best friend who happens to live about 5 minutes from camp. She made us homemade chicken soup, chili, bread, and delicious toppings. Her and her family also entertained us to break up the long day of driving, before we headed over to drop Jack off at camp. It was perfect and oh so yummy! Thanks Elsie ♥

After getting Jack dropped off at camp, my Mom, Harvey, and I headed back for home. Thank goodness Harv fell asleep immediately and the rest of the car ride my Mom and I chatted. Thanks for the company Mom!

Over the weekend, Caleb was at work, Carson and Ava were at their Mom’s, and Jack was at camp. It was SO WEIRD! Harv and I took on the world and it was super nice. Having just one around was so easy. I forgot. Ha. Plus I get very little just Harv time. However, I definitely missed Jack like crazy. Again, so weird when my people aren’t together.

Harv and I filled up the weekend with visits to Dad’s work, church, extra long naps, lots of outside play time, and reading. It was awesome and helped make up for the missing Jack factor.

five// We love Chipotle’s food; we don’t love all the reports in the news the last few years of all the people getting sick. So Caleb scoured the internet years ago finding some recipes that rival Chipotle, which of course was a success. The downside is it’s literally a full day of cooking. The meat needs to cook in the slow cooker all day. Rice needs to be made. The fresh salsa needs to be made. Cheese needs to be grated. It is not for the faint of heart my friends. It isn’t on our rotation frequently for this reason. Thankfully Caleb put all 6 hours (not consecutive mind you) in of hard cooking labor just to appease my craving and it was oh.so.delicious. I was one happy mama!

Here’s the recipe for the meat, cilantro lime rice, and pico de gallo (skip the garlic). And FYI it’s a combo of white cheddar and monterey jack for the cheese.


We have a quiet weekend ahead and it looks like all that snow that was promised will be missing us, bummer. What is your weekend looking like? Any big plans?


In case you missed it! Here’s the one and only post I managed (again!) to hit publish on this week:

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