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Friday Favorites Five on Friday

It’s Friday! Ok technically Thursday…but let’s pretend! I am (cross your fingers!) transferring my blog over this weekend to a new hosting set up and wanted this posted before the big change. I’m hoping it lessens the chaos and any potential hiccups! Wish me luck.

Until then, enjoy my (0nly 3….long week people) favorites!

one// Urban Halo – Limited Edition – Halo of the Month. I love Urban Halo headbands. You can read more here when I first discovered the lovely little MN company. I especially love this month’s limited edition for two reasons. The first is that it’s a gorgeous spring print! I’m loving all the colors. The second reason which is near and dear to my heart is that the proceeds of any sale goes to Miracle Flights.

Miracle flights is a non-profit company that provides free or reduced flights to low income families who need transportation for specialized care for their kiddos. As a Mom and Step-Mom of two rare condition/serious illness kids, I cannot imagine what we would do if we weren’t so blessed to have “our” hospital within a 30 mile drive. Seriously, such a scary thought. Hard enough to be worried about your baby, add in finances and it’s downright awful. I think this company is amazing.

Meaning – go buy a cute headband for yourself and know you’re doing great things for families in need!

This is not sponsored. Just loving it and wanted to share!

two// Black History Month Presentation. Ava has been working hard all of February on her Black History Month project. She chose to do the ‘A’ form of the project (no surprise there), which meant a poster, a slide show presentation, and an outfit to represent her person of choice. She decided on Coretta Scott King and her actual presentation was this week.

Black History Month

Thankfully it was early enough in the morning I could make it before work! With my new schedule this year, I’ve missed so much. Needless to say both of us were pretty happy I could go. Caleb, Jack, Harv and I all met her at school and had the chance to listen to her and her friend’s presentations! It was so fun and we are so proud!

three// Cub Scout Graduation. Carson graduated Cub Scouts this week. What a bittersweet moment, as any graduation ever is. The excitement of new and the letting go of the familiar. Getting older and letting go of the little boy-ness. I assure you he was feeling all of that on Tuesday. He is our feelings kid and it was in full force this week.

We are so proud of him, though, and so excited that he has decided to continue on with Boy Scouts and will be joining his new troop in just a few weeks. It was such a sweet ceremony of “crossing over the bridge” from child to man older child. (Let’s not acknowledge how old he’s actually getting please, thanks.)

There was also cupcakes. Cupcakes make everything better.


four & five // ok I guess I threw in 2 more because well they were so excited to watch Carson and I love that ♥

cub scouts

The warm weather is upon us again this weekend and I’ve embraced the spring! We don’t have lots going on at this moment, but that will change fast. Usually does. What about you? What are your favorites for the week? Big plans for the weekend?

In case you missed it! Here’s what I hit publish on this week! Thanks for hanging in there with me the last few weeks, you are all so amazing ♥

  • Monday, I talked about Jack’s heart camp & his wonderful weekend over President’s Day.
  • Thursday, I checked in for February’s goals & presented my ambitious (not ambitious) plans for March.


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