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Friday Favorites Five on Friday

It’s FRI-nally Friday! It’s been oh so good to get back to blogging this week and our normal routine. Getting back into the swing of work again always is bittersweet. Nice to feel settled again, but work? Meh to that. My Friday Favorites this week is one big post of catch up!

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Friday Favorites

// one //

I dyed my hair. When Caleb and I met I had very dark brown, almost black hair. We both loved it! Although I’m naturally a brunette, that dark gets hard to maintain and expensive so I let it go slowly, then I got pregnant and I get all freaked out about those kind of warnings so back to 100% natural it was.

I’ve been meaning to go darker for a while now and I was excited when a few weekends ago I went for it! It’s not as dark as either of us want it, but I’ve also learned it takes a time or two with my color. Nothing like a darker color to get ready for spring 😉 Also, I’m a #hotmess in the before. Haha no judgements.

Dyed Hair - Darker

// two //

Each of the kids is allowed to do 2 activities a year. Some of you may think that’s awful limiting a child, but we have 4 kids, which actually makes 8 activities we are toting around for and some are year long activities not seasonal, so it gets to be a lot. PLUS, we rather like when the kids are home, huh-go figure.

Anyway, Jack decided to sign back up for swimming “lessons” and I opted Harvey in too. Which also meant, mom was volunteered as well. Lucky me. Ok, honest I was thrilled to be in the water!

I used to teach at the school they attend so it was nice to be familiar with the program. I love Foss Swim School, seriously the best around the Midwest. It’s pricey, but I do feel it’s worth every penny. (*not sponsored, I just love them and am totally bias!)

Jack is in a level where it’s all focused on endurance so it’s 45 minutes of 4 kids continuously swimming the breast stroke, back stroke, butterfly, and freestyle. Ultimately it’s not really a lesson as much as perfecting the strokes he already knows.

Foss Swim School Jack Swimming

Harvey is just starting out so it’s 5 babes and one of their parents/adults with 1 teacher. The class is centered around getting used to the water, going under, learning to be safe around water, and ultimately a kick and hand type swim (think doggie paddle).

Foss Swim School Harvey Swimming

Harvey Swimming Foss Swim School
I absolutely adore Harv in this photo, my apologies for the ladies though (insert some embarrassed emoji)

It’s been a few classes now and they’re both really enjoying it! Harv also happens to be the best swimmer in his class! It’s easy when he has a good 9 months on most the kids!

// three //

Caleb and I celebrated our 3 anniversary a few weeks ago. We didn’t have many plans as this was the day after Harv came down with the stomach bug and we just weren’t feeling like celebrating. Not that we weren’t proud of our accomplishment or that we didn’t want to celebrate, we just didn’t want a sitter sick or to deal with a sick babe.

Luckily he ended up getting better fast (or so we thought) the morning of, but it was too late to get a sitter so we all went out for pizza together. We got married as a family, so why not celebrate as one too! Sadly after dinner and bed time routines just as we were getting settled in for an at home date, Harv got hit again and sent us into a week of an icky plague hitting 4 of us.

Our anniversary also came faster than either of us were prepared for, which meant our presents were still being shipped (and made!). #fail

We definitely enjoy playing along with the traditional wedding gift ideas, which was leather this year. We also tend to think alike so when there were two charges on our account from Etsy, we both laughed thinking we’d bought the same thing. Luckily we did not!

I picked out personalized leather luggage tags. I contemplated a wallet, but he just got one recently he’s happy with, another thought was a watch, but never in a million years would I think he’d wear a leather watch, not bad! Just not his style. Plus with upcoming travels together, everyone likes finding their luggage fast!

third wedding anniversary gifts

 // one // two // three // four //

He picked out a personalized leather bracelet, a leather credit card size personalized love note for my wallet, and a cross body with leather straps. He did good, as usual!

psst… not sponsored. Just sharing the details! 

// four //

I had my spring break last week, as a teacher our time off is pretty much decided the year before minus a few personal days. This year it was NOT the same week as the kids’ break. I felt bad for Caleb trying to entertain the kids for their week off, but also really excited for mine without the big kids: Harvey time, Mom time, and Caleb house project time.

Caleb was super productive without having to watch any kids. Go figure 😉 he built and installed all of Ava’s closet shelving. Just needs some paint to get it all white. He also purchased all the materials for a mirror door to cover the electrical box in her room. Once that’s built and up, we can call her room done! Until the weather gets warmer and drier to install a new window. See the rest of her room remodel here.

Most of my break was just being Mom. I’m 100% cool with that. Even though I work at home I’m still not always available so it’s nice when I can give my people my all.

Harv and I also snuck away for a Tina date (my college roomie/bestie)! We met in the middle at Mall of America to do some wandering, lunch, and chatting. Harv and I also got some play time in at Nickelodeon Universe before Tina arrived. Although our shopping was a complete fail, the time together was perfect! You can read our last visit here.

Mall of America - Nickelodeon Universe
Ignore the cell phone pic, but Harv was so excited to see this guy & then freaked out when it was actually our turn. #kids

// five //

A long while back I updated our table topics jar and we’ve been keeping up with daily conversations at dinner time. Yes I still realize there is a legitimate product out there called Table Topics. I didn’t mean to copy it; I didn’t know it existed till after I first posted and I’ve been trying to switch the name but the kids are set. Please don’t sue me.

Anyway, new jar, new questions, new chats. It’s really nice to get to talk with the kids beyond “how was school” and “fine”. So yea, download my questions, cut them out, and start those family chats!

download button_pap


What are you up to this weekend? I still have work catch up to do, oh joy. Ha I do like my job, promise. Share your favorite spring break memory!

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