9 Ways to Create a Bad Sleeper

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll continue to say it. Harv is an awful sleeper. I screwed him up. I am not an expert (ha, far from it) when it comes to getting babies to sleep, so today I’m sharing my best ways to create a bad sleeper, because I’m apparently really good at that.


  1. Hold them all the time. Love them and snuggle them and soak in all that new babyness. As much as you can. All day and all night. That way they get used to only sleeping with you. No one or nothing else. Continue this for 12-13+ months.
  2. Nurse on demand. Don’t say no. If they want, offer it.
  3. Wear them- very silimiar to #1. Bring them with you everywhere. They’ll feel safe and loved and never want to leave your side.
  4. Attempt putting them to sleep in a crib, bassinet, swing, etc. Give up and co-sleep. Refer  to #1.
  5. Follow a very strict sleeping routine. Baths, books, sleep machine, fan, swaddle, nurse. Rock. Walk around. Nurse some more. Plead for your life. And possibly your sanity.
  6. More naps. Sleep begets sleep right?
  7. 2 AM parties that include nursing, diaper changes, snacks, and tv just to stay awake while the little one plays.
  8. Wear them out. Play with them, take them outside, do all the things! They’ll get tired… eventually…or so I’m told. I have yet to see this happen.
  9. Pray to the sleep gods. I don’t believe they exist. It didn’t work.

There you have it. All the things we do to try and get Harvey to sleep better. He still doesn’t. He still wakes up every 1-2 hours at night. (Yes, you heard right. He’s 1 and still wakes that often.) Takes 30-40 minute naps. And loves his early early morning wake up calls.


In our defense, he was one of those colicky babies that had reflux so bad he projectile vomited every day – all day. So maybe it wasn’t quite my fault, entirely.


Oh and p.s. I did all of these with Jack and he can fall asleep in under 5 minutes, sleeps 10-11 hours a day, and sleeps super soundly.

*also note the hint of sarcasm. Lots of these are actually really good ways to get your baby to sleep. The thing is baby’s can be hard, they are individuals, and there isn’t always one method that works for everyone. Hang in there, sleep will come I promise! I have 3 that are on normal sleep schedules and don’t keep us up all night long. Our daily mantra is “it will get better” and we repeat it like 600+ times a day.

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