Meet My Crew

Welcome to our little corner of the world! We’re glad you’re here. Seeing as you probably came here to learn who we are, let’s get on with it!

I’m Sam and I’m the usual writer behind our blog. I’m a full-time online teacher who works from home. And mom of 4. Well. ..technically two, but I claim all 4.

Caleb is my husband, my better half, my sanity, and my rock. He is a machinist that works full time hours in 3 days over the weekend. I don’t know how he does it, but he does, and it’s a huge sacrifice.

Together, we are the epitome of that whole “yours, mine, and ours” deal. It didn’t quite start out that way, but years later here we are. I met Caleb over 4 years ago while he was volunteering in my son’s preschool classroom. You know all those awful copies to be made and the book orders to be separated? Yup. He’s a pro.


But let’s go back even before that. Caleb has 2 kiddos from a previous marriage, they are the oldest two in the clan, and they make up the “yours” part: Carson & Ava. I have 1 “mine”; he was the youngest, Jack. Still following all this? Currently, they are 11, 10, and 9. Well after months of dating, we moved into the house you see around here. We filled it up with love, laughter, and lots of projects.

But, it didn’t take long for Caleb and I to realize that marriage was up next, so 41 days later we tied the knot. Yes, you heard that right. We planned a wedding with over 150 people in 41 days. We’re adventurous, what can I say! That was March of 2014.

By October, we found out we were in for the biggest project we’ve done together to date: a baby <- that’s the “ours”. Our little Harvey ♡ and I have to say we’re all pretty partial to him.


Now we spend our days driving kids to and from millions of activities, multiple schools, and chasing our wild man around the house. It’s crazy, chaotic, and perfect, well… almost.

Send us a “hello” we’d love to get to know you now!

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