Ava’s Room

This project has really hit us all hard. It’s frustrating for Caleb because it’s not our number one priority, Carson and Ava are tired of sharing a room, and the sad comments about enjoying it before we move really tug at Caleb and my heart strings. BUT. Caleb’s making progress and we’re only days from paint, which is like thee most noticeable step forward to a 9 year old!

Since the last post, Caleb made this amazing corner sander so the corner of ┬áthe walls stay 90┬║. He also finished mudding and sanding all the walls (I so would love to show you my abominable snow man, but I’ll save him the embarrassment!). Man was there white dust everywhere!

So….just a few more odds and ends then paint and bead board and finishing touches! I’m so excited for her. And Caleb. And Carson. And you all! Ok let’s be honest I’m just stoked in general!

Next time you hear about this, it’ll be done!

It’s getting there!



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