Back to School Means Back to Work, too

Since as far back as I can remember, back to school has been my favorite time of the year. Seasons start to change & I love fall. Schools supplies are my jam. Plus the excitement of a new school, new beginning, new students is way better and more celebratory in my book than New Years Day (until I met Caleb).

As an online teacher who works from home, summers are pretty easy going. Quite possibly extra easy going since I don’t have a classroom to take down or set up, I don’t have supplies I need to order and prep, and so many other little tasks along the way. The majority of my work days are spent in my little section of the downstairs playroom, but right before the school year starts we always have a few days in the office for professional development, meetings, and just to reorient ourselves with one another. You think I’m kidding. (I’m not. I work with them daily but see them once a year. It’s helpful to have a refresher.)

Anyway, we had our meetings last week and I WAS NOT looking forward to starting school, work, or being there at all. I’m not sure what really had me so pessimistic about all of it, but I was. Summer seemed so short, we were busy with softball, remodeling, camps, and the like that I feel like we didn’t do summery things. I like hanging out with my little tribe all the time, I didn’t really want school to start and be without them. Plus Harv has been away from me less hours than I have fingers, so I knew it was going to be hard on both of us (jk he’s been teething I was pretty thrilled for the break).

Teething baby = lots of toothbrush chewing & a way too long of a hug goodbye.

Well day one  went pretty well. It was a really long day and then I rushed home so Caleb could rush to get to Ava’s softball games on time. Harv was pretty clingy and refused to go to bed that night as I’m pretty sure it was punishment for leaving. However, we had so many awesome presentations & an awesome BBQ for lunch so those were a plus. They also gave us these sweet little gifts, how cute are they?!

"It's refreshing to have a great teacher like you!"
“It’s refreshing to have a great teacher like you!”

Day two was a different story, though. Work again was great, we had this amazing presentation by one of our regional staff members and she recommended reading Grit by Angela Duckworth. I just started it and am loving it! Cannot wait to implement it with my students, my own babies, and honestly, myself. Check it out!

But when I got home, Harvey was super clingy. Like stage 5. He didn’t let me put him down all that night and all the way to Thursday night. He was determined that this leaving business of mine would be no more, which was kind of a bummer, because I was hoping these days would give him a bump in the direction of weaning. Nope. Just made him want more. Bummer. On to Plan B.

All in all, we survived. Caleb was awesome at being stay at home daddy as always. Harvey survived and is thankfully back to normal. I am rejuvenated and ready to get started on tons of new ideas for the school year. I think I just needed a swift kick and some great inspiration to get me going.

Plus, I finally have all the kids school supplies bought, organized, and labelled (don’t worry my hand is only half falling off). The last two items just came in the mail this week and they are my favorite! The idea of Pack-It lunch boxes rules. Jack is 100% cold lunch kid and I have never felt comfortable sending food to school with just a teeny ice pack. With Pack-It, you freeze the whole lunch bag and it stays cold for up to 10 hours! Yep, life saver. I can breathe. Plus they come in awesome patterns, the price is reasonable, and they fold up so they don’t take up precious freezer space. I’m sold. These are the boys’! They each picked their own.

Carson is the camouflage and Jack is the construction signs. No brainer for each of them.

You can check out what other cool designs they have here! (Not sponsored, just love them!)

I’m ready. The kids are almost all ready (we still need to do some clothes shopping-talk about never ending). Bring it on September!

Hopefully you have/had a great back to school! We definitely are later than other schools/states.



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  1. It’s amazing how many different emotions come with back-to-school, no matter what age! Glad you are coming around to the excitement phase! Those lunch packs are a great idea, I genuinely need to check it out for mu husband who puts like three ice packs in his lunch each day.

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