Big Party for a Little Man

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Last week we celebrated Harv’s first birthday with a cactus party! It was so much fun to plan and celebrate with all of our family. I love planning parties, down to all the little details!

The first thing I did was to make our own invitations. I currently am loving all things cactus and watercolor, so a cactus themed fiesta was the way to go! I didn’t want it to be too Cinco de Mayo (which a lot of fiesta decorations focus in on) and I also didn’t want it to be too babyish. There are only a few birthdays these days I get to have most control over, so I had to capitalize! I turned to for inspiration and was not let down. I downloaded these images and started designing the invitation. I kept it simple & straightforward and used card stock I already owned; free is always good.


Once I had the invitation designed, we focused everything around fiesta, cacti, and the color green.

To eat, Caleb made our family favorite – home-made Chipotle – seriously the best recipes here! We have not tried the guac recipe, but the rest are on point! If we let them, all the kids would eat the rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ok not really, but you get the idea! For desserts, yes plural! I made birthday cake pops, coated in lime green with chocolate sprinkles to look like cacti pokes. I also made and decorated, with help from Jack, cactus shaped sugar cookies, cutter was bought here. Then I made 4 cakes. Yep, you heard right. 4. I made one 9″ 2 layer round cake for guests. I made one 3″ round cake for Harv to smash that was identical to the larger one. Lastly, I made two 3″ round cakes for my Dad and Father in Law, since Harv’s birthday fell on Father’s day! I designed by cakes using a picture from pinterest – a petal design ombre but instead of blue like the pic I used green with our theme.

To decorate, I made an “all about Harvey” board – which now the rest of the kiddos want at their parties each year ha! Green pom poms, an “uno” banner for the high chair, green and yellow balloons, a special huge cactus balloon and a cactus runner, made by my Mom. I know how to sew, I really do. She taught me, but I don’t own a sewing machine and she is faster and I’m busy. She also used the fabric from the runner to make Harv a special “1” shirt for the party.




My favorite decoration though, was the wall of crepe paper and baby pictures, which I don’t even have a picture of! I alternated kelly green and lime green crepe paper to form a backdrop. Then I used twine and mini clothespins to hold up his weekly & monthly baby pictures from 1 week old all the way to 11 months. It was Harv’s favorite thing too; he loves babies! He had zero clue it was himself. Ha.


For his gift from Caleb and I, we made him a wood busy board with all the things he loves: light switches, locks, lights, & door stops, etc. Fast, easy, and he was not lacking in the toy department.


Even though it was on Father’s Day, the food was a little behind (we celebrated Caleb a little too long), Harv refused to touch his cake, and it was a scorcher, we had a blast and officially have a happy toddler! #momcries


Seriously. Never going to get all 6 looking at once. Still love ’em.

Happy official summer now!




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