Blogger Besties | Blogtember #29

Ok seriously, we are coming in fast to the end of Blogtember! I have so many things I’ll be updating you on next week when I get back to normal posting and my thoughts on Blogtember. It sure has been a ….. ride!

Today’s prompt is all about blogger friends. Being honest here, as a new-ish blog I don’t have a lot of people that I could call “bestie” without them thinking, “um who are you?” so I’m going to talk about the blogs that I love and really started to connect with more lately! If you want more of my long term faves, check it out here.

**these are in NO particular order 😉

one// Grady at Grady Bird Blog. Grady is a newlywed (technically they just crossed the 1 year mark so I think they no longer ‘qualify’ ha) and step mom. She is sweet, adorable, and a total riot. She gets the tough stuff, but also the blessing, that being a step mom is. Most people don’t quite get the latter. So yea. She’s awesome.


two// Erika at Beneath the Fireworks blog. Erika has been one of the sweetest gals and support systems as I’ve really dived deeper into the blogging world. She always has kind words to offer and a fun busy life to read about. Even though we’ve only connected a few months ago, she’s become a favorite read!


three// Stephanie at Wife Mommy Me. Stephanie is a wife and mom (bet you could’ve figure that out!) and she has created this awesome community and following on her blog. She has lots of great tips on how to blog, new ideas for holidays & seasons, and she also created The Kids Behind the Blog, which is definitely one of my favorites to read and write!




There you have it! Three of my faves. There’s lots of new people I’ve “met” through Blogtember and will continue to follow along even though our days are numbered with the link up!

Tomorrow is the last day of September and Blogtember, then back to regular Sam programming 🙂 stay tuned!


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