Introductions | Blogtember #1

Hello everyone! As a reminder I’m participating in Brave Love Blog’s Blogtember Challenge. A new specific post every day in September. Talk about Challenge! Since it is September – happy September! – it is time to (re)introduce myself.

  • My name is Sam (short for Samantha).
  • I’m 29 years old and only 5 feet tall and look like I’m 12. I’m finally started to see the young looking factor as a positive.
  • I am married to Caleb for 2 1/2 years now. He is the most amazing person on my planet. He also happens to be 9 1/2 years older than me.



  • I have 4 children. 2 are my own & 2 are my (step) children.
  • Carson is 11 (as of yesterday), Ava is 9, Jack is 8 and Harvey is 14 1/2 months. Yes I use months.
  • Jack (my son) has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (a heart defect) and Carson (Caleb’s son) has Hemophilia. Both have been and are a big part of our family life.
  • I am an online teacher, which means I work from home. I teach middle school and high school Math. I love my job! I get to be home with Caleb and Harvey during the day. I get to help with getting kids on and off busses and drop off/pick up from school. I can rearrange my schedule to attend field trips and I still get to teach. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
  • My children are very busy – meaning I’m very busy with softball, volleyball, boy scouts, swimming, faith formation classes, track in addition to the regular school, homework, and day to day shenanigans.
  • I love crafts, DIY projects, watching Caleb renovate our house (& help when I’m not doing or driving to anything mentioned in the previous bullet) and newly lettering & calligraphy! Especially embossing. I will emboss everything.
  • I love to bake and decorate cakes & cupcakes. I enjoy cooking, but Caleb is the better chef so I’ll stick to the sweets.
  • My blog is my “me” time & I love writing. Who knew? I also love all the wonderful friends and people I’ve met!


It’s nice to meet any new names/faces around here! Tell me a little about yourself! I love to know who’s reading ♥


17 thoughts on “Introductions | Blogtember #1

  1. Hi Sam! I remember taking online classes through Florida Virtual School throughout high, I thought they were the worst…but that’s probably because I was 15 and thought I knew everything already, hah! I’m sure you’re a much nicer teacher than some of my teachers were, and I hope your students are better than I was! 😉

  2. What a blessing that you get to work from home so you can be with your family! And so cool that you enjoy embossing, lettering, and calligraphy. I recently received a how-to calligraphy book so I hope to learn a few things!
    Visiting from the challenge

    1. Hi Elena! Yes it is such a blessing for all of us! I wish everyone were as lucky. Oooo good luck!! I’m definitely an amateur letterer but I keep working at it and watching for inspiration and tips! A book would be smart! I finally found a pen I connected with and its made lots of difference (tombow fude hard tip is mine). Keep at it! Would love to see your work! Thanks for stopping! Xo Sam

  3. I love that you are doing Blogtember too! It was great to read a little more about you and I had no idea your hubby was older than you! I didn’t even know online teachers for HS were a thing that existed!

      1. For some reason I can’t post my own comment, so I’m replying to Leah’s since I know she won’t mind, ha! But my blog is my “me” time, too. Glad to meet you!

  4. Nice to meet you! That’s so cool that you can teach online! I thought that was only a college thing! I LOVE cupcakes and have a total sweet tooth!

    1. Yes! I thought so too until I stumbled upon it! Lucky lady here. Ha you’d fit right in with Caleb then! Literally just telling him today that I never ate as many sweets until I met him. I’m not sure how I feel about it haha thanks for stopping! Xo Sam

  5. I didn’t realize your little one and my little one were so close in age. Mine is 14 1/2 months, too! How fun! I’ve been enjoying your blog! I need to find an online teaching gig! That sounds great! Teaching elementary online isn’t as easy as a one subject class, though.

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