Camp Odayin – Camp for Kids with Heart Disease

Jack has hypo plastic left heart syndrome. He was born with a heart anomaly & happily and healthily lives to tell the tale. Mostly. He has zero recollection of any it besides stories and pictures and books I’ve told him. But he is happy and healthy.

**If you want to know more about what he actually has, you can check this out. Maybe one day I’ll feel brave enough to talk about those rough early days of motherhood and his life. Today is not the day.

Anyway, to honor those kiddos in the zipper club (google it!) there is a camp program dedicated to them. Camp Odayin. I first was told about Camp Odayin when Jack was in utero. Pretty sure I didn’t think twice about it. First of all, he’s not born and I’m supposed to be planning for him to go to summer camp as a kid? Huh. Really. Second, I honestly wasn’t sure he’d live to be around for summer camp as a kid. Didn’t want to count my chickens before they hatched.

Well, thankfully Jack has attended not one, but two! summer camps through Camp Odayin. So far Jack has only attended day camp, which is just for the morning till lunch for 5 days. Next year though, he’ll attend overnight camp with the “big” kids. Camp is filled with arts n crafts, animal discovery, books, songs, and games! Some is educational, some is just plain ole fun (like hunting for gummy worms in whipped cream…without using your hands!). Plus the camp “counselors” are 100% volunteer nurses & doctors to ensure the kiddos are safe. Cue sigh of relief.

The only part about camp that Caleb and I dislike is the timing and distance combination. It’s about an hour away plus traffic to drop him off and it’s only 3 hours long. Driving back and forth to drop off/pick up is ridiculous, so we wait. But that means trying to kill 3 hours. While Jack had a blast, we took turns on days driving and running errands, catching up on to do lists, and wandering around target. Lots of wandering. Harv and I also went for a walk one day when the weather was nice. The last day each year is a talent show, so my parents came with and occupied the gap with breakfast out and a trip to Gertens, which was perfect. (Thanks again Mom- tell Dad, too!)

And…. the pics – they are in zero order and not the greatest (I didn’t take any!). But they’re his memories and something we’re all pretty proud of!

He’s a little unsure #cityboy
Finger painting with pudding



He got a gummy worm. It’s not puke. #ipromise


Hunting for ….something. In typical Jack fashion, he relayed the info to Caleb & once was sufficient.
Water games!
So many amazing people around MN donate stuff to heart kids! Stuffed animals was one gift.
Working with clay & his buddies!



Fleece blankets was another gift. Seriously the generosity and love for these kids is so awesome!





Selfies & photobombs with the volunteer counselors. Jenny & Jason




Small group this year!

Have a fantastic Thursday! #justonemoreday


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