December & 2016 Goals Update!

I think I’m on repeat here, but how 2016 is already over is beyond me. I once heard the years go faster the older you get, well if that’s true I must be closing in on my mid life crisis here because warp speed everyone. I literally remember the morning (New Years day 2016 toRead more

October Goals Update

Happy November! Halloween was so much fun with the kids, look for more pics later this week, but Harvey definitely took to the whole process after the first house. He also refuses to let anyone else hold his candy bucket. Let’s look back at how the month of October has gone – busy and fastRead more

September Goals Update

I fully realize that my September goals update should’ve happened sooner, but there were far more important things to talk about, so today I’m checking in on my progress of my yearly goals as well as our fall bucket list! goal 1: be more positive with the children & encourage their growth. We’re still doingRead more