The Kids Behind the Blog | May 2017


It’s time for another round of the Kids Behind the Blog. We are well into May and looking forward to summer and our big trip to Florida! You have no idea how ready each of us are for sunshine, summer, and freedom. Before you jump in to May Kids Behind the Blog, you can hopeRead more

Harvey’s First Hair Cut | March 24, 2017

first hair cut tragedy

A first hair cut is a pretty big milestone, especially around here. I’ve been talking about avoiding Harv’s first hair cut for months. Caleb has been teasing me about doing it without me and surprising me on one of the days he has Harv, for even longer. The kids have been talking about it sinceRead more

The Kids Behind the Blog | April 2017


It’s that time of the month again – no, not that kind – it’s time to check and chat with the kids that made me a Mama and a Step-Mama! I finally feel like we’ve shaken the funk out of our moods lately and it feels oh so awesome. The sun has been shining moreRead more

Harvey Update | 21 Months

21 Month Update

Harvey hit the 21 Months accomplishment over spring break, so I wanted to share all his wonderful milestones he’s been rocking lately! We all are so head over heels with this little guy. He’s been the best little blessing¬†‚ô• makes us almost debate having another. Then he throws us a 2 week awful sleep scheduleRead more