If I knew what I knew now, I’d have married you sooner.

We made it. We are well out of the newlywed years.  We made it out of the blended family “honeymoon years” …  mostly unscathed.

Today, marks our 3 year anniversary since the day I promise to love you forever.

Three years.

We have accomplished so much in three years of life together, but if I knew what I knew now I’d have married you sooner.

You asked. I said no, giggled, similed, or rolled my eyes. Or best yet, some combination of all three. I didn’t believe I was ready to commit myself to you in a way I know you deserved. I didn’t want to fail you. I knew I needed to give you the best. You knew better for the both of us. I should’ve listened.

wedding bride groom

If I knew how much my world would revolve around you….

If I knew how much my heart would swell when I see you after a long day….

If I knew my love would only deepen….

I’d have married you sooner.

wedding bride groom

If I knew you’d always have my back like you show day in and day out….

If I knew you’d be the best father in our world through every.single.struggle….

If I knew me better….

I’d have married you sooner.

wedding kiss bride groom

Thank you for living up to the words you wrote and promised me three years ago today. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being my favorite part of “us”.

I love you, hubby. Cheers to just the beginning of a lifetime ahead.


I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us. I have a good feeling it’s going to be big!


Happy Anniversary Love!







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Anniversary Two. 

Planning our Wedding in 40 days.

How to Plan a Wedding for Over 100 Guests in 40 Days

wedding short engagement

Yes, you read that ^ right. We planned our wedding in 40 days and it wasn’t a small wedding. No, I was not pregnant. I was, however, apparently nuts. Jk. Looking back there’s a few things I regret; but I also know it was totally doable and I think YOU should consider it too. Serious.

why you should have a short engagement.

First of all, post wedding blues and boredom did NOT exist for me. I didn’t spend 12+ months obsessing over one day and when the day was over I wasn’t heartbroken. It happens to people. Google it. I enjoyed the wedding, the mini honeymoon, and then our marriage.

Secondly, I knew that Caleb was more important than any day. I wanted a wonderful marriage, not just a wonderful wedding. Lucky me. I got both.

Lastly, planning a wedding is STRESSFUL. So many details, so many decisions, back & forth, this or that. Nope not me. I knew I only had 40 days to make a decision, so I picked my favorite and moved on. No regrets. No second thoughts. No changing my mind. No making someone revise their plan. Trust me everyone was happy about that.

Bonus! I didn’t have to wait! Duh. This was the best part.

how we actually planned a large wedding in 40 days.

The venue was the biggest issue and also the reason we had to plan our wedding in 40 days. I found it online, fell in love, asked Caleb if he wanted to get married (read more of that convo here!), chose one of 2 dates left. Either Halloween or March 7. I didn’t want Halloween or wait a year+ so 40 days of planning it was.

Abulae is a wedding venue complete with photographers, caterers, wedding cake decorators, videographers, wedding planners, DJs etc. The complete package. This was a big time saver. I knew what I wanted, they made it happen.

wedding venue alulae
Gorgeous, right?

Before solidifying our venue, I knew I didn’t want to get married without our photographer. As a dear friend and family photographer, I knew if she wasn’t there it wouldn’t be right. So I text her immediately and THANKFULLY it was not wedding season quite yet in MN so she was available! Whew, planning could commence.

The next detail was the dress, my dress! From being a bridesmaid many many times, I knew this could take a while especially with potential alterations. So the very next afternoon (after telling our parents of course!), wedding dress shopping we went. Just like any bride I found one fell in love, but wasn’t quite convinced. I sat on the decision for a few days as this was one decision I genuinely cared about. After thinking about it for every waking moment that week, I decided that was the dress and I’ve never regretted that.

wedding dress bride
I still wear this #dontjudge

Stationary was up next. We believe in etiquette and getting invites out with enough time for others to plan and make accommodations. The week deciding on my dress was also spent working with hotels, creating a website so guests could get the information immediately, and making our own invites. Yes. DIY was the way to go. There was zero timeline and extra budget for working with a company, sending proofs, and expediting shipping. So at night after kids went to bed, Caleb and I would stay up late designing, printing, and addressing envelopes.

We, in fact, designed and created ALL of our own stationary. Right down to the place cards & mad libs found at the table.

Bridesmaid dresses and flowers were up after that. This is the BIGGEST tip I have if you’re trying to plan a fast wedding: delegate delegate delegate. Yep it was hard with a Type A personality to accept this, but it was also the only reason everything came together so quickly.

My sisters and best friend chose their bridesmaid dresses together. I approved color and that was all I really had for say. Did it bother me? Honestly no. I wasn’t wearing them. They respected color choices and each dress was versatile so each bridesmaid looked individual and comfortable, too.

For the flowers, my mother in law and her family helped out on this. This was always something I was prepared for, this was not about the timeline although it did help! They design and create wedding arrangements, so it was clear they would be delegated in that department. Again, I knew I wanted white roses and greenery. The bridesmaids would have bouquets and a flower ball for the flower girl. Green mums were in season and added to the arrangements, as well. Little questions and decisions were made along the way, but with experts at hand it was just a text here or a call there.

With a small wedding party, I still wanted to include our other friends and family so we asked my best friend to marry us. We needed to actually get her approved as a minister and a script of what to say. That was a few wonderful meetings over coffee! Heck any reason to meet for a coffee is a good one! But for our wedding? Even better!

My mother was in charge of working with the venue and catering planning. While I worked, she made calls, got all the options and ideas, then would contact me with a short conversation so Caleb and I could decide what we wanted. This was where the majority of our planning was spent.

(Caleb was FULLY present in all decisions just so you know!)

Some things were just left out to be honest. We did not have party favors, no one complained (at least to us!). The table decorations were simple. We wanted our guests up mingling, partying, and celebrating, not sitting down the whole time. We did not have huge showers or pre parties. They were still lovely, fun, and we were very blessed! We did not have save the date cards (um yea, we called it an invite!) or engagement photos (try newlywed photos!!).

Here’s my best set of tips to make a large wedding happen in a short time line:

  • Delegate. Delegate. Delegate.
  • Pick the things that are really important to you and do that yourself (Ours were – my wedding dress, food choices, the wedding cake design, the overall color scheme and theme, and the stationary).
  • Make a timeline immediately and stick to it. There is no: “I’ll decide this later” or “we can hold off a while”. Nope, plan it and stick with it.
  • Choose a planner & organization system. When there are so many things going on at once, it’s nice to know exactly where all the information is located.
  • Amazon Prime will be your bestie (assuming it’s not already). You’d be surprised. There is a lot of high quality things that can ship in 2 days!
  • Relax and have fun! Remember you’re getting married after all! Through all the chaos of planning, have fun! We danced to our wedding song at night as much as we could! Double duty: fun AND practice!

There you have it, how we planned our large wedding in 40 days. There were a few hiccups along the way, there always is, but at the end of the 40 days we were married and happy and the day was perfect! Isn’t that the goal anyway?


So, are we crazy? Would you do it? If you’re not married, I challenge you to have a short engagment it really was oh so worth it! Would you go back and change things?


psst… it’s our anniversary this week! Bring on all the wedding posts!

double psst… none of this is sponsored, just sharing our wonderful details ♥


How Do You Know When You’re Done Having Babies?

I had Jack when I was fairly young and with his heart defect, it was a lot to handle. I was finishing college, semi living in a hospital, and making deals with God daily. When we survived and passed that phase and life had settled down, it was nice and comfortable and the prospect of more babies was no where near my thought process. With a college degree, job hunting, house hunting, and raising a preschooler, I was busy. I wasn’t dating or even close to being married. I was done having babies and 100% cool with that.

Then I met Caleb. I knew on our first date I was going to marry him (just ignore the many many times I said “no” when he asked), and all of the sudden I wanted more babies with him. Yes plural – as in more than 1. He, on the other hand, was very ok to be done.

As our relationship grew and we discussed marriage, we decided that yes more kids would be good. We were not confident on its greatness, so ‘good’ was the only outcome of that conversation. We were out of that baby stage; the kids were 6, 8 and 9. We weren’t sure how adding another person to the mix would… well, mix. And honestly, we know babies are hard on marriages and as a new couple already tackling lots, it was scary.

But it didn’t stop us (obviously, we have Harv!). It wasn’t as easy as we ever thought though either. We both had kids previously, we assumed (well you know what they say there) that I’d get pregnant immediately and 9+ months later, we’d be parents together. I did get pregnant exactly when we planned, but after an early miscarriage that shocked both of us to our core, more attempts were put on the back burner.

Months later after mostly approval from my doctor, we found out I was pregnant. But we weren’t out of the woods yet. Having two children with serious medical conditions already, we knew we would be in for lots of appointments and check ups. I was good with it; it felt safe. Thankfully we got the all clear that Harv was and is a perfectly healthy little dude. Read more about his birth story here if you’re into that!

So where do we stand now? Well, that’s the problem. We don’t know. We both love babies, especially the playful and curious age that Harvey is right now. But we haven’t slept in 2 years and I’m not sure if I write well enough for you to understand this, but Harvey is a holy terror. He is crazy and exhausting and the absolute cutest little thing ever. Definition of parenthood right there.

I’ve read so many articles about how you know and I’ve asked millions of people and the answer is the same: You just know. Hmmm. I didn’t get that feeling then.

So, I’m asking you! How did you know? Maybe you are still deciding too! What have you considered? Are you ok with your decision? Bring on the info, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts. Serious, help a friend out!

pssst. Yes I know, Caleb and I should be making this decision ha! We do talk about it probably weekly. We do know that now is definitely not the right moment, but we are still unsure about the future and so yes, maybe you’ve thought about something we haven’t!



First Big Announcement!

I don’t usually pop in on the weekend, unless there’s something really exciting going on! Which today is no exception, BUT before I tell you why, we need to rewind a few years.

When I was first tossed into the Step-Mom role (ok not tossed, I semi knew what I was getting myself into) the days were easy. It was a lot of playing, fun, and more of a cool older playmate type role. Then we moved into together and started talking marriage, and the reality of my new role was more prevalent. Add in a few different mediation and court dates and I was a scared, stressed mess.

It.was.hard. and the only person I felt safe enough to talk to about my feelings and that could maybe remotely understand what I was going through was Caleb, who was the one actually going through the mediation and court dates …. so… well, not too fair on my part. So I did what any sane, confused, looking for an answer person does, yep I Googled it. AND OH MY GOSH that was the worst mistake of my life.

Think Googling a sore throat on Web MD and you discover you’re going to die some horrific death and you have 2 weeks to live.

Yep it was not a good move. Everything I found or read was so negative of the children, the husband, and especially the ex wife. I didn’t feel that. I didn’t want to feel that. I wanted help. Positive help that didn’t make me out to be the Cinderella style Step Mom, because that isn’t me. I love my kids, I love my husband, and I don’t utterly despise the kid’s Mom. I gave up on Google.

Then one day, years later, in the middle of the night, with a really colicky baby who wouldn’t sleep I stumbled upon, I don’t even remember how these days, Grady. Grady is a Step Mom; a sweet, adorable, fun, loving Step Mom that loves and adores her step daughter (and she blogs about it all!). Huh. It was this awakening moment, that maybe, just maybe I wasn’t alone.

Now, every broken/blended/step family (whatever you want to call it) is different, which is also what makes advice and writing so hard. But, for once, someone else I found was happily married helping raise someone else’s kid. Little did I know, that Grady would become a fast friend.

Cue the first big announcement of the year (which I referenced back here).

I’ve written a few (ha!) words over on Grady’s blog today! I had the wonderful opportunity to interview/guest post on my thoughts on step-motherhood and my family’s story! It was so fun working with Grady and such a blessing to have found her as a friend!

So go grab a cup of coffee (or tea!) and sit down, it may take a while to read. Find my post here!

Thanks for having me Grady! It was so much fun!!

Happy reading all!



psst…. my image is from haute chocolate.

Happy Birthday & Happy New Year!

I’ve written and rewritten this post a million times already. Nothing I say does justice to the feelings I have (and we have) for you.

This last week has been hard. Sick kids. No sleep. Guests. Travel. Holidays (they’re stressful man!). It all got to the best of us. But as I walked a cranky baby around, or cleaned the house for the millionth time it seemed, or sat on the kitchen floor crying, I still know you’re the best damn thing that’s ever happened to us 5 and without you, well our world just wouldn’t be the same.

You’re our:

nickname creator

tickle instigator

toy fixer (let’s be honest, it’s not just toys)

joke teller

medicine giver

finder of lost things

light bulb switcher

toothbrush flinger


homework corrector

snack maker


shoulder to cry on


made up story teller

grocery shopper

driver to and from school

peek a boo player

doctor appointment taker (so I don’t have to fess up to things..!)



You are the absolute best husband and dad for us. We all think you’re perfect and we wouldn’t be us with you. No matter where this crazy life of ours takes us, up or down (please more ups than downs) I’ll choose you every day. Without a pause, without a doubt, in everything I do, you’re my rock and I’ll keep choosing you forever.

I can’t wait to celebrate your birthday with you! 2017 is going to be an amazing year and the only way to kick it off is celebrating you!

Happy birthday l♥ve! Let’s go party!

All my love forever,





pssst…. Happy New Year everyone! Have a wonderful start to 2017!




Crazy Adventures | Blogtember #15

I struggled writing this post for today for Blogtember. I don’t do crazy. Well maybe I did when I was younger, but I don’t now nor do I want to. And I really would love not to go down a trip memory lane either. Thank you very much. Crazy adventure to me connects thrill, spontaneity, wild, maybe even parties, and that isn’t me. I’m pretty logical and straight pathed. I also really like to plan things. I live through Caleb when I need some thrill seeking.

That all being said… I did plan a wedding for over 150 people in a mere 40 days. And not just “a wedding”, it happened to be my own. And, no, I was not pregnant.

It was a Saturday evening at the end of January, I was bored, kind of feeling the winter blues, and looking at wedding venues. For the record, we were NOT engaged at this point. Anyway, I found thee absolute most gorgeous place ever and I was determined to get married in the middle of Saint Paul on the top of a roof. Cool right?! Check it out here.

So I searched out available dates. There was 2 available within the year. The first was March 7th and the second was October 31st. I had zero desire to have a Halloween wedding, so I opted for 41 days away. I needed to clue Caleb in on this plan of mine. Literally this was the conversation:


Since this was late at night, I don’t technically count that day as planning. I start the counting the next day, when I drove over to tell my parents and then later in the evening to go wedding dress shopping!

Needless to say the next few weeks of our life were crazy, but they were fantastic and some of the best times, too.

One day I’ll get all of our wedding pictures and stories up, but this was definitely the craziest and absolute best thing either of us have ever done. We knew we wanted to be together, so it only made sense to get married even if it was a whirlwind to get there.

Ok, I love a good story, so share your crazy stories!




5 Reasons I’d be My Husband | Blogtember #13

Last week at dinner, our family table topic was “Which of your friends would you switch places with?” and it goes perfectly with Bailey’s “Who would you be for a day and why?” prompt. My answer is the same, Caleb.

Yes, there are millions of people I’d be very curious about, some Presidents, Mother Theresa, Marie Curie, Martin Luther King Jr. etc. and I would be fascinated by their life. But, Caleb, my husband, is my answer.

For those of you that are new around here, Caleb is my husband of 2 1/2 years, and I’d love to walk a day in his shoes for these 5 reasons.

  1. I still have like a zero clue what he does at work. I listen and know his coworkers and his stories, but when push comes to shove I’m clueless. Although, he offers every Friday afternoon to switch places, I have yet to take him up on it.
  2. He is fearless and enjoys life in a way that I cannot. I need life organized and planned and, well safe, he’s more flexible and easy going. I could use that.
  3. He is utterly talented and a mind reader (but not when I’m angry). The man can take my words and pictures in my head and make our house become the reality. It’s awesome. He’s talented. I love it!
  4. I think it would be great for our marriage, not that we have major issues (we don’t!), but I know firsthand that looking at life in someone else’s perspective can change how you feel. If I knew more what his day was like, how he felt, and what he thought, I believe I could be a better wife to him.
  5. I’d like to see me like he sees me. I’m blessed beyond belief, because I know that Caleb thinks the world of me 99% (and still loves me the other 1%). I think us women are naturally too hard on ourselves, so if I could look at me through his lens I know I’d feel pretty good about myself.

He’s amazing and I’m thankful every day we stumbled upon each other, but I also know there is room to grow in every relationship and since his is on the tippy top of my list I’d be my husband for the day.

What about you? Who would you be?! It could be fun! I went serious and lovey!


Single Parenting vs. Married Parenting

I’ve been asked on more than one occasion (ok, read: I get asked ALL.THE.TIME) which is easier: being a single parent or being a married parent. I’ve been both and in opposite order than most. The people that ask are also usually the ones that have their own answer already so typically they’re surprised by my response. Why they ask me then, only Heaven knows.

Anyway, my answer? Neither.

You can’t just add up the pros and the cons of each and magically come up with the perfect solution to the problem. Somedays being a single parent rocks. Somedays I plead with the world to not take Caleb away. Literally. Please let me keep him forever. Do you hear that?! Ok, thanks. Just making sure.

I started my adult life as a single mom. Now yes I had help, tremendous amounts of help, so I never really felt certain aspects that I know other single parents do. But Caleb did, so I like to think I have some expertise on the topic.

Being a single parent** means you make all the decisions when you have your child (I have full custody of Jack- but Caleb has joint). I named him exactly what I wanted, I chose what school he went to, the style of clothes he wore, the activities he participated in, etc. That is great. No one to try and work to find a compromise. You just do what you see fit and off you go. Want to go away for the weekend? Ok, enjoy! Want to do pizza for dinner? Sounds perfect! ….You get the idea.

So little! He's 4 here, yikes! Half his life ago.
So little! He’s 4 here, yikes! Half his life ago.

Another pro for single parenting is you get them all to yourself! Selfish. Yes. Probably. But I loved all the time we spent together, the dates we went on, hearing about all the best & worst parts of his day.

But the downsides can be hard. You show up to family functions- well single. Unless you have a great support system, you don’t get a break. It can be exhausting. Round the clock. No break. Constant children. No one to even talk to about the struggle or worries. Sitting in a hospital room alone, can easily bring any person down real fast. Trust me, I had lots of those days and nights. Money, that’s another whole post in itself. Money is scary when it’s just you providing for a little person.

Being a married parent? Well that is awesome, too! There’s always someone that has your back and can help with the loads of work that come with parenting. I have never doubted Caleb’s intentions with our family or his desire to be 100% present. He’s amazing and I’m lucky to parent with him every day.

But…. it isn’t all rainbows and puppy dogs either. Things have settled down into a nice rhythm now, but it wasn’t always that way. When we first started dating and knew we were serious about us becoming a family, there were so many conversations about “how do you do this” or “what do you think about that” and “how do we make this work when you do it this way and I do it that way”. It was so hard. Both of us were used to do just doing our thing and the kids were each used to doing it that parent’s way. The no need to ask someone about something? Gone.

Another oldie! So little. Our first summer together.

Now. Not every family may do this, but we base our parenting off mutual respect for each previous familial situation. We need to. We needed to honor where our kids came from and who they are as people. As young as they were, we didn’t want to rock the boat.

They had their moments of bickering, but they’re all still pretty close.

That was all before Harvey. Since Harv has come we are still working on the “how do you do this” conversations and learning to balance having a baby around and still honoring those previous life experiences, but still finding compromises. And I know I can take a shower or run to the store when I need, that’s a pretty great bonus 😉

There isn’t a really good answer. My reasoning may be different, but I’m sure others agree (unless their spouse was a thumbs down, well then rock on single parents!). I’ll still take married parenting any day though, because I’m not giving up Caleb.


**FYI I was a single parent that was not previously married. I did not co-parent Jack. After years being with Caleb, I have a different view on co-parenting and being single while co-parenting. Trust me it’s not the same type of single parenting. You may be single, but you are not a single parent. There are lots of different rules in the co-parenting game.

Opposite work shifts is really hard.

Caleb and I have always worked opposite shifts since the day I met him. You can read more about it here and here. In fact, beyond him being at my school on his days off, our first date was a phone date while he was on break. It isn’t easy dating (or being married to) someone who is gone every time you’re free. Or vice versa. His schedule is hard on both of us. I know we aren’t alone in this.

He misses everything while working. Family parties, trips to the pool, church, some holidays. If it happens on Friday, Saturday or Sunday consider his rsvp a big ole sad no. He’s working, we’re playing. Or I say no because it’s hard being places sometimes without him. It can be lonely, but it can also be filled with guilt. Unless he has vacation time, which is pretty much accounted for by January. So…..it sucks.

In the early days, we made it work great! Late night Friday dates to Denny’s at 3am? Sure! Lunch dates in the middle of the week? Perfect. Bringing lunch to his work on break? Yep tons. Caleb was home for the big kids (Harvey wasn’t born at this time) to help with appointments, getting on and off the bus, and pretty much managing Monday through Thursday. Plus our parenting time is Monday -Thursday or Friday depending on the week (meaning his schedule was set for his kids before we met). Also, we had the summer time together. I didn’t work and he was off 4 days a week! Talk about awesome.

But that got exhausting. We’re old. 3am dates? I’d rather be sleeping. Our kids got busy weekday nights – so less family time. So we needed a new plan. Cue my job. After I left my brick and mortar school, I was offered a job working from home. We felt like it was the perfect path for us. Online teaching sounded perfect and I could be home more with Caleb on his days off. And I could now lessen his house work duties and be home for the kids more. Win win win!

This worked great!…. for a year. Then Harv was born. He never slept, I was home alone with him and Jack pretty much all weekend but portions of the night (when Caleb needed to be sleeping for work), Jack changed schools putting us on different schedules than Carson and Ava, sports and activities took over our week nights and well, I lost it. I wanted and needed my family, particularly Caleb, back.

So we needed to change something. We can’t change our parenting time. We promised choosing to have Harvey wouldn’t negatively impact the big kids so activities were to stay. My job was already as flexible as possible without changing my pay scale, which we aren’t ready for. That all meant, looking into changing Caleb’s job. So that weekend he applied for a night shift (we’re talking 10pm-6am) Sunday evening to Friday morning. He can’t get on days, not enough seniority and we knew second shift would be a complete disaster. Yes, he’d be able to sleep with us all night, but he’d miss 100% of everything from the minute the kids got off the bus till the moment they went to bed. Plus I wanted him to be more present in the family – not less. So full night shift was the solution, or so we thought.

As we waited to hear about the job, we both started realizing that what we have has its downsides. Lots and they can be really trying on us, but his boss, company and insurance are super awesome. And the hours are probably what’s best for right now. We don’t have to do daycare, he only drives 3 days a week not 5, no traffic, I could go on. Which means it’ll be hard for a while but we are also doing the best we can for our kids and for our marriage. Bonus! That man of mine would do anything for me, each other, and the kids. That’s a pretty solid feeling.

The point? Life has its trials and tribulations but having the right person to walk through them with will make it worthwhile. Not always easier, but always worth it.

Also this:




Pssst! Want to hear the exact opposite feelings? Check out this post from a mom that works the crap shift.

Our time is not now.


Statistics are stacked high against Caleb and my marriage. Caleb was married and divorced prior to us meeting, so we are categorized into the second marriage section, even though I was not married before. The rate of divorce is significant – like somewhere in the 60-70% chance range. As a numbers gal, that’s frightening. However, I know me, I know him, and I have zero worries, now. Wasn’t always the case, but that’s another story for another day.

We’re in a different season of our marriage than most people that we know. We have older children but have only been married two years and we have only ever known each other as parents raising little humans. That really changed the dynamic of us dating and even our marriage now. I believe that’s why so many second marriages fail. It’s not at all like dating a single child-less person. Our marriage can’t just happen naturally. It’s intentional and purposeful. Every day.

As a dating couple, we didn’t just date each other we dated each other’s children, too. We’d go on family dates, on dates with just 1-2 kids, and then “just us” dates. It helped us learn to see each other as a couple, but also how it would work as a family, and siblings. Our children have always been a main focus of our life together, which is great. Neither of us would change that. BUT….

We’ve never experienced that 1:1 time. The non-child raising time. The non-busy time. The “hey, let’s go out tonight” time. That doesn’t mean we won’t get it, it just means we have to be patient and earn it. It will come. I don’t doubt that, it’s just not now. When the kiddos are grown and gone, we’ll have all the time to date and be free and I know we both are looking forward to that so much.

But not yet. And not too soon. Because we love our babies and aren’t ready to see them go. It’s bittersweet. Something wonderful to look forward to, but it comes at a cost. A cost I’m all too aware of. A trade-off that will come in all due time. But please, not yet.

A while back, I was at the grocery store and our regular cashier that we love and adore, was surprised that only Harv & I were there (usually it’s the whole crew).  My heart, hands, and cart were very full that day and she smiled and all she said was “these are the best days of your life, I promise” and I nodded because I know. I know oh so well. And even though our future looks pretty darn grand and adventure filled, so is our present.

If this is your second marriage, your spouse’s second marriage, or well you’re just feeling crazy because you have lots of little ones at home and you’re feeling like your marriage is falling behind. Hang in there, your time will return, too. Maybe you’re lucky and it’s a date tomorrow. Or maybe you need to wait like us. Either way it’s worth it. Caleb’s worth it. I’m worth it. Our kids are worth it.

When we miss out on our dates and life gets extra busy with all the kids’ stuff, I smile because one day I know we’ll get our time & I know we’ll miss this, too.




This time of year is quickly becoming my favorite and yet it’s never been that way. Fall is fantastic: vest, sweaters, crisp air, beautiful trees, etc. We live in Minnesota so summers are treasured gold and winter, well we wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t something grand about it. But March, March holds a special spot.

It’s wonderful. The warmth is just starting to peek through, the haze of winter hibernation is lifting, and the joy in everyone’s step is just a little brighter. But the one thing that seals the deal for me is our anniversary!


Yep, we hit the big two. Ha. It’s so comical to us. It’s so little; seems almost insignificant but there are lots we’ve managed to fill in those 24 months and with each passing month we step a little further away from those ugly second marriage statistics.

Caleb and I laugh about “two”. It’s so small yet we both feel like our souls have known each other for years upon years longer than that. It’s a pretty great feeling.

I knew our first date he was my person. He confirmed it the day he agreed to plan a wedding in 41 days. A “real” wedding too, and no I wasn’t pregnant. He still is my person always has been, always will be.

Happy anniversary love, thanks for making me the luckiest gal and I’m glad I get to spend this chaos with you daily. I wouldn’t have it any other way!


All my love,

The wifey ♡♡