Chaotic Week

I’m a firm believer in positivity and its ability to alter a mood. Usually I ooze positivity so much that Caleb likes to tease me about puppy dogs, rainbows, and butterflies. But hey! There’s nothing like a good puppy to brighten your mood.

That all being said. That. Was. Not. Me. This. Week. Nope. Not at all. It was one of those weeks. The – big kids leave early for their mom’s house – kind. The – finals week for my students – kind.  The – ahh grad school starts again – kind. The – baby is sick and CRANKY- kind.  The…well, you get the idea. And I wish I could say it’s almost done, but no such luck here. The weekend still looms over me.

Life isn’t always the beautiful squares we see in instagram or the perfect  pinterest projects. It’s hard. It’s messy. It’s reality. This week was a good dose of reality around here. The chaos we talk about that sometimes consumes us and in rapid speed was in full force.

So as I anticipate and mostly dread the long day ahead of me, why not join me in focusing on some good? The day [or week] may not be good, but there is always some good to be found in each day. Am I right?!

This is my good and I’m pretty partial to those cheeks so maybe he can be your good too ♡


Cheers to new weeks that aren’t so far away!

The [very tired] Mr. & Mrs.

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