Crazy Adventures | Blogtember #15

I struggled writing this post for today for Blogtember. I don’t do crazy. Well maybe I did when I was younger, but I don’t now nor do I want to. And I really would love not to go down a trip memory lane either. Thank you very much. Crazy adventure to me connects thrill, spontaneity, wild, maybe even parties, and that isn’t me. I’m pretty logical and straight pathed. I also really like to plan things. I live through Caleb when I need some thrill seeking.

That all being said… I did plan a wedding for over 150 people in a mere 40 days. And not just “a wedding”, it happened to be my own. And, no, I was not pregnant.

It was a Saturday evening at the end of January, I was bored, kind of feeling the winter blues, and looking at wedding venues. For the record, we were NOT engaged at this point. Anyway, I found thee absolute most gorgeous place ever and I was determined to get married in the middle of Saint Paul on the top of a roof. Cool right?! Check it out here.

So I searched out available dates. There was 2 available within the year. The first was March 7th and the second was October 31st. I had zero desire to have a Halloween wedding, so I opted for 41 days away. I needed to clue Caleb in on this plan of mine. Literally this was the conversation:


Since this was late at night, I don’t technically count that day as planning. I start the counting the next day, when I drove over to tell my parents and then later in the evening to go wedding dress shopping!

Needless to say the next few weeks of our life were crazy, but they were fantastic and some of the best times, too.

One day I’ll get all of our wedding pictures and stories up, but this was definitely the craziest and absolute best thing either of us have ever done. We knew we wanted to be together, so it only made sense to get married even if it was a whirlwind to get there.

Ok, I love a good story, so share your crazy stories!




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