December & 2016 Goals Update!

I think I’m on repeat here, but how 2016 is already over is beyond me. I once heard the years go faster the older you get, well if that’s true I must be closing in on my mid life crisis here because warp speed everyone.

I literally remember the morning (New Years day 2016 to be exact) I started writing goals for the year. A very little Harv was in my arms sleeping, the rest of the family was still asleep, but I was wide awake so like any crazy person I started brainstorming all the things I wanted to achieve for the year.

Today there is so much to look back on! Goals, the year in review, and a much needed check in on our holiday bucket list!

I think I got tired of these. I have a new plan for this year! I’m pretty excited to share in the coming months! For now, I’ll give you the down and dirty version seeing as there is lots to share!

goal 1: be more positive with the children & encourage their growth.

The holidays are a pretty great time to focus in on the kiddos. So much going on in school! Concerts, field trips, parties, etc. Add in all the extra Christmas activities and the entire month was child centered.

I also just got a new container for table topics this week and printed off a new list of questions! Excited to add that back in over the next couple weeks. Sorry Caleb!

goal 2: be more creative and allow time for the projects we have and want to have.

I had big intentions of making lots of gifts for people and new Christmas decorations for the house, but somehow December 1st turned into December 23rd really fast and that didn’t happen. I will now be extra prepared for next Christmas though! #sliverlining

 goal 3: dates. more dates.

Hmm.. pass.

goal 4: finish grad school. 

Complete read here.

goal 5: document life more. it all goes so fast. 

I’m still working on photo books for each of the kids (still behind, too), but I also added in some video pieces I’m pretty excited to share soon!

goal 6: find and stick to a prayer schedule.

This is a continued effort and I keep adding in little pieces as I go, but definitely in the right direction!


I wanted to share one photo of the biggest moments this year for our year in review!

January was Jack’s 8th birthday! Which is just around the bend again! Better get party planning!

February I finally finished Harvey’s baby mobile and he still has it hanging to this day above his crib and I still absolutely love it!

March was our 2nd Anniversary! Still seems like such a small number, but we’re proud nonetheless!

April was a very busy month non-blog-wise and the only thing I posted about was being dairy free for Harv. Hmm well least he’s cute (and little!) here.

May I graduated with my Masters of Education. It was a long process and I am so thankful for the man behind the degree. Pretty sure his job was harder than mine on many many occasions.

June was Harvey’s first birthday! Love that crazy (emphasis on crazy) kiddo! It was a cactus themed fiesta, still my favorite ♥ (annnnddd ignore the unfinished door in the background.)

July was full of summer camps, Fourth of July parties, my birthday, and Kansas. So hard to choose, but I love this picture.

August Carson turned 11!

September was a month full of Blogtember Posts! Oi that was intense. Check them all out here!

October Ava turned 10!

November we did our family Christmas photos, see a bunch more here!

December was met with lots of excitement, but this tops out as my favorite picture! Although the Lumberjack Harv hanging ornaments over on my Insta is pretty dang cute too!

A year of pictures and posts oh my!

If you’re still reading, good for you! Let’s check in with the Holiday bucket list!

Seeing as I included non-Christmas things, there is still a few things to do over the next few months!

Read about Breakfast with Santa and ice skating with Santa here.

Read about Christmas lights, gingerbread houses, and one of our many hot cocoa dates here. I didn’t cross it off though, because well I want hot cocoa all winter!

Read about Christmas cookies here and fire truck Santa here!

We did get a few Christmas movies in, but I never feel like it’s enough! Ha. I mean they get enough screen time, trust me! But I love Christmas movies. Maybe there’s still time to sneak a few more in! And the rest of the stuff we can check off as winter continues!


There you go! Our year in review and goals for the year check in. Seriously, if you’re still reading I owe you a cookie or coffee or something 🙂


Happy New Years! Be safe, have fun, and I hope you have someone special to kiss tonight ♥ See you in 2017! (as in tomorrow..!)



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  1. You’re right, I think we should be friends! Looks like an amazing year! I love all the photos, especially the birthday snapshots! I am working on my goals this weekend. Reading the Bible through is one of them. I need to pray more consistently too. Hope you and your family have a Happy New Year!

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