Fourth of July 2016

We were so blessed with thee absolute best Fourth of July this year! With Carson & Ava on a rotating schedule, Caleb working last year, and Harv being only 2 weeks old – last year was a bust and Jack has been so kind to remind me of that all last month. Traditions can be hard with so many moving pieces in our life, but we made the best of it and it was so much fun!

The first thing we did was to head to the big parade in Forest Lake. If you are in the twin cities, it is worth the drive. It is about 2 hours long, tons of floats, lots of candy, and lots of music. The parade kicks off with a mini old time air plane smoke show, which Harvey was soooo into. Even though the weather was perfect for parade watching, we didn’t last the whole 2 hours.



Harvey and Caleb may have even made it into the local paper! We’ll be on the look out.

After the parade, we headed home so Harvey could get in a nap before heading to our next adventure. Just like typical Harv, it was short so we headed out sooner than desired. We went to my parent’s house for swimming, games, and a BBQ. I made special drinks for the kids from a picture on pinterest and following along with the greatest cake trend EVER (I don’t like frosting) – naked cake!




The kids’ drinks were super easy.

1.) Start with a blue liquid – hawaiian punch, gatorade, powerade, blue raspberry koolaid. Whatever you fancy! We used hawaiian punch.

2.) Add lemon lime soda so it can get fizzy. We used about 2/3 juice to 1/3 sparkling soda.

3.) Plop in a dollop of ice cream – mixed with the soda will become a float.

4.) Add in the red fish and a straw.

That’s it! And they were gone faster than you can say Happy Fourth of July!

Like I mentioned already, there were games, lots of swimming, delicious food, and mostly kid friendly fireworks and firecrackers to play with. It was a perfect afternoon with my family!










And because it isn’t our family without a nowhere near perfect picture:


Well, Ava and Jack look great!

After the party we went home for a rest for the big kids and mini bedtime for the babe. We got everyone up and went to fireworks – my favorite part of the holiday! Carson, Ava, and Jack snuggled on a blanket munching on snacks, all half asleep while Harv giggled, pointed, jumped up and down in glee the whole time. Caleb and I took turns keeping up with him.

I could repeat this again and again, it was a perfect day and it was evident by the exhausted kiddos the next morning.

Hope you all had a fantastic Fourth with family, friends, and fireworks!


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