Girly Girl Bedroom

Having a girl is extensively different than having a boy, especially when you actually have 3 boys. We knew we wanted to go all out girly for her bedroom. The majority of the house is pretty non feminine, which is partly my style but also because: boys.

Some of the remodel has been structural and beneficial to the whole house, while some is just because it’s fun.

We’re still in a lot of the structural phases. Wires, pipes, & HVAC have been heightened to get a taller ceiling height and replace the drop ceiling. Sheet rock has been put in, outlet boxes & wires added, so mudding and sanding is where we currently stand.

Walls are all ready for outlets, bead board & paint!

Caleb has finished almost all of the mudding coats and sanded where he is finished.

Mudding corners – what a pro!

All that’s left is:

  • Remove one section of old popcorn ceiling – mud, tape, sand
  • Paint the entire ceiling
  • Install outlets where all the boxes have been added
  • Finish built-in book-case – install & paint
  • Paint
  • Install & paint bead board
  • Install closet organizer
  • Install new light fixture
  • Decorate [insert all the girly]
  • Enjoy!

With so much time passed & so many posts lost, this remodel is very non technical but alas no worries the bathroom next door is on deck and you’ll get all the juicy how to!



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