Goals Update April & May..go figure I’m behind.

We have been soo busy, I am literally behind in everything and constantly playing the triage priorities or catch up on responsibilities game. It’s so hard to live that way. But alas! Some HUGE time suckers have been conquered. So how about a check in?

Goal 1: be more positive with the children & encourage their growth.

We found time to do an Ava date so that was great one on one time with her! We try really hard to make time with each kiddo so they know they’re loved and important. The two of us got pedicures and then we all went for a fast dinner. Nothing major but still awesome!

It’s also spring so that means our life centers around their activities. Which can be both fantastic and awful. We’re still looking for a balance, but we know the sports and clubs are great for their growth!

Goal 2: be more creative and allow time for the projects we have and want to have.

Creativity is in progress! For mother’s day I received a bunch of art supplies and have been thrilled every single I can doodle, letter, and create! House projects are a whomp whomp.

Goal 3: dates. More dates.

Well, Caleb has had a lot more time off lately which doesn’t equate to dates but we’ve definitely been able to see each other more and we had a few grown up opportunities lately, but with all the kids’ stuff it’s been hard too. Like I said, finding that perfect balance of good parents and good marriage is hard but oh so worth it!

Goal 4: finish grad school. This. Must. Happen.

I wish I could say I’m like super proud of myself, but I can’t. It’s so strange. As I sat listening to my Dean speak at graduation (Yes! I have my Masters!), she mentioned that it was the closing of a book for many people’s formal education and that didn’t sit well. I have no idea if I’ll continue on with my PhD one day, but being “done” is scary. School is all I know. So although I’m loving the few extra minutes and lots less homework I now have, it’s also not quite settled in and I have lots of emotions about all of it. But I can officially say this goal is complete!

Goal 5: document life more. It all goes so fast. 

Epic fail. Missed the baby’s 11 month pictures by 5 days! Oi. I’ll survive, he’ll survive, the baby book will be fine and in twenty years I’ll forget anyway, but for now bring on the mom guilt!

Goal 6: find and stick to a prayer schedule.

I wish we had any kind of “every day is the same” schedule. Always trying.

So looking forward to summer and breathing again!

Never enough Mom + kiddo pics – still not loving the short hair.


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