Happy 11th Birthday Carson!

Our Dear Carson,

First of all, just to remind you you’re still only 11. Even though you’ve been telling us for weeks now you’re 12. Please don’t try and age too quickly, Dad and I aren’t ready. With your big party last week, it broke my heart to see how grown up you’re becoming. But you’re doing it and I can’t stop it, so I want you to know we’re proud of you every single day!

I remember when I first met you at Broadway Pizza. Dad had been warning me for weeks that you talk a lot and I kept brushing it off. I should’ve listened. You have something to share with us all the time! And… it started the moment I met you. I couldn’t answer the questions as fast as you asked them. Some days you know it drives us bonkers, I’d be lying if I said otherwise. But I also love that you want to share your world, every detail, with us. I know it won’t last so I try and soak it all in now. Even if it’s inundating us with minecraft. ALL THE TIME.

I’m sorry that you’re the oldest and sometimes have to conquer the biggest obstacles with Dad and I. We want to make sure you hold on to your childhood as long as possible and enjoy these worry free and stress free days. Soon enough you’ll grow up and life will take you from us and we just want you ready, really ready, for those days.

You have a heart of gold and I see it when you play with Harvey, watch over Ava, and teach Jack new things. You really have embraced being the big brother and the oldest of the family. A big and great responsibility we remind you of all the time. I can’t wait to see what you become as you grow up. I know you have great ambitions and have the intelligence to support whatever it may be. Keep working hard though, that homework and work ethic is just as important.

I have high expectations of you, and I know you are capable of great things and I’m always going to push you to do your best. It’s not your favorite thing and I know sometimes it makes us bump heads, but please don’t hold it against me. I really want you to be the best you possible … and… I like a clean room. Also, you’re really important to me and I get scared when you hurt yourself because I can’t help you, so please please please be careful. Did you read that? Wear your helmet, watch where you’re going, and keep practicing the needle for that medicine. It makes me feel better knowing you can help yourself.

I love you Cars and I’m lucky and honored to be your ‘Sam’ every day.

Happy birthday buddy! ♥

All my love to you always,




2 thoughts on “Happy 11th Birthday Carson!

  1. Sam, I will say this here, if I did in person I would be a pile of tears. I thank God every day you found Caleb. Thanks for being a great wife and mother. You are so loving, giving, mature etc… you are as close to as perfect as a daughter in law could possibly get. You are guiding those kids with the most wonderful values possible. THANK YOU , and thanks for loving Carson and Ava right along with Jack and Harvey ( oh and that goofball Caleb too). LOVE YOU DEAR. Grandma Nancy

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