Happy birthday buddy!

My dear little boy,

Today is your birthday! You’re officially 8 years old! This breaks and heals my heart daily. Every birthday is such a blessing. One day I’ll share your story and we can count our blessings together. For now, let’s just talk about how wonderful you make our life.

I still look at you and see my sweet baby boy, but each day you’re becoming more and more grown up. I can’t lie and say that it’s all perfect, because you wouldn’t believe the good if I wasn’t honest about the bad. Sometimes you drive me crazy [I think you’re supposed to]. There’s usually too much burping at the dinner table for my liking and our listening skills fall sub par on more occasions than not. The constant musicals tend to get a tad overwhelming for Dad and I. But we love you the same.


When I look at your heart I couldn’t be more proud. You are so kind and loving to your baby brother. You are the best helper when I need a diaper, to do the dishes, or even a shower after a poop explosion that sends you into hysterics. I love watching you two bond, even from years apart.

I feel so proud when you come home with a spelling or math paper and you know you did good. I know school is hard and it’s not your favorite, but I respect the effort you put in day in and day out. Sorry if I push you too much. I can be blinded by a “good grade”. Please know your best is all we ask.

I love your energy. Yes. You have lots. There’s always some thing rearing to go in that brain of yours. I thrive on it and well, see above too. [One day – karma buddy.]

I’m sorry I can’t sit in the playroom with you every day for hours on end playing Legos and trucks, like I know would fill your bucket. Things like laundry and dinner to fill your stomach instead, take over. Not to mention that brother who is currently pretty needy.

Thank you for trying out new things and finding who you are. I love that you march to the sound of your own drum and you lead your own parade. You’re fearless and I love it, unless it’s about being late. Sorry for that anxiety. My bad.

You’re fun. It’s my favorite part. You know how to make anyone smile and laugh. You touch people’s souls and bring them to life. Your crazy antics and made up jokes make us all giggle and love you even more.

You’re not the baby anymore and I can see how hard it can be for you some times. But you’ll always be my baby. You’ll always be my first person. You’ll never be replaced and my love will find you wherever you go.

Happy birthday buddy ♡ 8 is going to be great!

All my love forever,




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