Harvey’s Birth Story

With Harv’s first birthday on Sunday, all we can think about, beyond party planning, is how has it already been a year?! In honor of the big day and all the wonderful memories, it’s time to reminisce on his birth itself.

I woke up about 1:30am on Friday, June 19th with contractions. Since I had been having fake contractions for weeks, I  didn’t think much of it, so I went to the bathroom and tried to go back to bed as many nights before. By 2:00am the contractions started to become more painful and I couldn’t sleep. I decided to watch TV for a while. At 2:30am, my water broke so I waddled to go wake up Caleb. He woke up with a “shut up” not quite believing it was time and then jumped into action. His excitement still makes me laugh! After calling my mom to come and get Jack, I called the midwife who told me to stay at home and relax for a while. Bad choice. This made Caleb a little too nervous so after he had some breakfast and we watched some more TV together, we decided to drive to the hospital. The contractions were uncomfortable, but we still talked and laughed through it all. Honestly I was so calm and excited! Once we got to the hospital at about 4:30 ish we realized the main entrance was closed, and then walked to the ER entrance and was admitted in through there. Caleb had asked if I wanted my bag and I told him no, let’s get settled then you can grab it later. Second mistake!

Once up to the labor & delivery ward, the nurses had me fill out paperwork and asked me questions about the contractions. The nurses didn’t really believe that I was in labor. They never said anything, you could just tell from the questions and demeanor towards us. I was not offended! I was still laughing and chatting away. Not sure I would’ve believed me either!  The nurses showed us to our room anyway.

After answering lots of questions the pain went from this is annoying to Lord  help me!, so Anita the nurse checked me out and was surprised to see that yes my water did in fact break-duh- and I was 4 cm dilated already -duh again. I knew my body.

Within minutes, another nurse came in about 6:10am and offered to let me sit in a nice hot bath to relax and I happily accepted. Once in the bath though, the pain was consuming me and the contractions were coming faster. With a water birth planned, drugs were out of the question but I definitely was contemplating that decision at that moment. Nurse Anita checked me again and was shocked to see that baby was definitely in a hurry to come out! I was 9cm! The other nurses helped fill up the water birth tub in anticipation of delivering in the water. After many attempts to explain my feelings, Anita once again checked me and in a slight panic told Caleb to pull the 911 cord because baby was coming out now! I was a +2!

Caleb helped me get out of the tub and walk out of the bathroom to deliver the baby. I was a little confused so I tried to get into the water birthing tub-that was the plan! – but Caleb nicely redirected me to the bed and helped me climb in. With so many years between babies, I kind of forgot how to push. But with so many nurses and staff in the room they got me back on track. Within 3 contractions and 10 minutes of pushing, baby Harvey was born at 6:49am and placed on my tummy. We were all pretty happy at that moment!

After that the nurses and midwife were taking care of me, while Caleb got to cut the cord and then skin to skin cuddle with Harvey.
It was all perfect!

Things that went according to our plan:

  • Caleb got to cut the umbilical cord after it stopped pulsating.
  • It was all natural.
  • The timing was perfect for our busy schedule!
  • Harvey was healthy, teeny at 6 lbs 4 oz. but healthy.
  • Harvey was placed on me to snuggle and skin to skin right away.

Things that didn’t go according to our plan:

  • No pictures, the bag was in the car remember?
  • No water birth. Yes water therapy, but no birthing tub.
  • Our mid wife wasn’t there! The on call OB doctor was there because it all happened so fast!
  • Anita our nurse kept telling us over and over we would get a new nurse to deliver! Nope we didn’t.
  • From 4 cm to baby in our arms was under 1 hour. After Jack’s quick birth and this, I now have a special note in my chart.

Every birth is different and every story is beautiful whether it was by the birth plan or not!

2015 6 19 Harvey (2)

2015 6 19 Harvey (4)2015 6 19 Harvey (3)20150619_085353DSCN098420150619_135539

Just a few more days and our little baby is a toddler!


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