Harvey’s Origami Mobile

Flashback to about 5 months pregnant with baby Harv. I was finally coming out of the morning sickness haze and ready to take on any and all projects. First thing was the mobile! I love all the hand made mobiles that exist out there and was ready to take on the endeavor myself. Flash forward a year, it’s completed!

Yes the project was completed a year later for me, but to the average non super busy type this should take less than an afternoon.


  • Origami paper
  • 2 embroidery loops
  • Yarn
  • Fishing line
  • Hot glue gun
  • 2 extra adorable hands to help out! (Not required)
  • One hook to hang into ceiling


First, I chose what type of origami animal I wanted. You can choose pretty much anything and there’s a tutorial for it somewhere. I chose a bird. Trust me after a few times you’ll be a pro!

After that I separated the embroidery loops. I put the piece with the hook aside and just used the plain wood piece. I punctured a hole into each of the birds with a needle and tied the fishing line to each bird and embroidery loop.



I chose to do 9 birds, 4 on one loop and 5 on the other just for variety.Once each bird was tied on I used the yarn to wrap each embroidery loop so it covered the attached fishing line and gave for a more finished look. I ended each loop by adding a dot of hot glue to keep the yarn in place.



Then came what apparently was the tricky part – the actual hanging. I never once measured where I placed the birds, I just went for it. So I got SUPER lucky when the smaller loop balanced perfectly. The larger hoop was a pain. There were 4 birds so you think that when I spaced them out nicely and hot glued another piece of yarn to them on each said it would work but no.such.luck.  It took a while and some maneuvering with the yarn but I got it to mostly balance. My suggestion would be to measure and/or do this not standing on the ladder!


Last thing we did – this is where Caleb came to the rescue – was to attach to the ceiling above his crib.  While I held Harvey, Caleb so nicely placed an anchor and j hook and ta da! We have a happy baby and mama!





Happy building! Can’t wait to see what you make, too! Send your pics our way!




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