Holiday Home Tour

Our house is decorated, presents are under the tree and our family is almost en route to visit. Christmas is almost here! Enjoy our mini holiday home tour!

Our entry way that leads up to the family room:

First thing you see when you walk in the front door and it’s my favorite!
The reason for the season (I also heard a birdie say I’m getting a new nativity scene and I’m sooo excited!). My nutcracker from Carson last year; he loves nutcrackers!
You may notice the bottom half of the tree is empty. Just thank Harvey.
Just call him the Christmas thief. Normally the mini tree is on the table behind him haha.

The kitchen:

We don’t have a fireplace, so I use our floating shelves as my main decorating area. I changed out all the pictures to be more festive. So easy! Also, I love Christmas cards.
I think this is my favorite little spot. I especially love the Santa pic. Oh Harv.
Caleb’s mom made this table runner for us! There’s also a snowman candle holder center piece with it.


Each kiddo’s bedroom:

My mom made each of the kids’ these matching personalized Christmas pillows! They all just love them. I do too.

The rest of the house has a smattering of little decorations, hand towels, and festivity. We didn’t go all out this year like we have in the past. I didn’t want to wreck my brand new front door with a wreathe banging on it all winter. I also had a few DIY projects that I finished (and some I didn’t), but never found a place to put it all so they went back into storage, maybe they’ll come out next year.

Here’s a mini preview! Hand lettering for the win!

I hope you had a relaxing last few days before the holiday. Take time to enjoy your family, friends, parties, and stay warm!

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