July Goal Updates

Seriously. How is it already August?! Blah. I feel like summer just started and we’re already on the down swing of it. (Sidenote- I cannot believe how many of your kiddos are already back in school! What is this?! We don’t start until after Labor Day, thank heavens!).

In typical fashion, July was extremely busy but NOT with sports and activities. It was filled with family days, house projects, and lots of water! It was a great month.

goal 1: be more positive with the children & encourage their growth.

I’d call this a success. Sometimes we just need to step back from the chaos and just be with the kids. It’s definitely easier to do when there aren’t so many schedules to work around. We still throw in the occasional compliment day at dinner. They do homework books each week so they stay on track for school. They hate it, the teacher in me loves it. So sorry kids, it’s going to stay. We also took a week away from chores, house work, activities and just played on vacation. It was so nice just to be with the kids.

Lately the age gap has really been wearing on my mom guilt. When it was just the 3 big kids, it was super easy to find things to do as a family. With Harv in tow, we’ve been trying to find a balance so all kids enjoy family time and it isn’t the easiest thing. Either Harv is uninterested (read: cranky and bored) or the big kids are uninterested (read: cranky and bored). Huh imagine that ūüėČ

We also tried out this idea of parent’s day (here). We’ve been trying to find ways to teach the kids more responsibility in a way that is on their level and fun. I don’t want them to grow up a dislike being an adult or worse go into complete shock because they¬†are clueless of the responsibility. So parent’s day was created (by them actually!) to learn how to do the grown up things around the house. It was a success and I was loving the help! Now to teach diaper changes! Hey, they’ve been asking.

I don’t know if this goal will ever be complete. I don’t know if I ever want it to be. I love being a mom and I want to always love, support, and encourage their growth no matter how big they get or where they may go (which apparently is definitely not MN.)

goal 2: be more creative and allow time for the projects we have and want to have.

Well, Caleb has been on the project kick. Which is great when the house gets worked on. Closer to the for sale sign! I’m still working on my lettering/calligraphy. Practice, practice, practice! It also helps I got the best present ever!

goal 3: dates. more dates.

Yes and yes! Hooray. Never enough, but¬†we had 2 this month! One out and one in. I’ll take either! We did a sushi picnic one afternoon. The weather was lovely and I had the best company. Nothing is better than time away from it all with my love¬†‚ô• even if it was only for a few hours. Then on my birthday, we put the kiddos to bed and watched a movie we’d been looking forward to for quite some time. It’s not glamorous but we also know it’s not our time. And we’re going to miss these days. So we hold on to the moments alone together while we can.

Again same with goal #1. Not sure I’ll ever say this is complete. I don’t want the dates to end and when goals are finished things stop. No thanks, pass. I want all the dates!


goal 4: finish grad school. 

Complete read here.

goal 5: document life more. it all goes so fast. 

Blogging more frequently has definitely helped this. Tons of pictures taking, too! Sometimes¬†I feel torn. Sometimes I want all the pictures to remember everything, so I become a little obsessive. Then the next day I just want to be in the moment with my tribe and ignore the pictures. Where do you fit? Is there a balance? I’d love to find it.

goal 6: find and stick to a prayer schedule.

It’s hard to find a consistent schedule for anything around here. Every day has a different to do list and every week things rotate. Pray and our faith is so important, but it’s a struggle. I just need to set a plan and follow it through. Stay tuned.

Here’s to the last few weeks of summer!


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  1. Sounds like you are making some serious progress on your goals! I am with you on wanting to document more. It all goes by so fast! Congrats on TWO date nights, the sushi picnic sounds amazing!

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