Mood Board | Blogtember #14

Prior to Harvey, I used to blog about home design and DIYs. Post Harvey, we have little to no time to do such crazy things. This all means this prompt was E-Z! I have tons of mood boards of our house!



Since, we just moved Harv out of our room and into Jack’s this needs some updating. And yes, in MN the weather has such a giant swing of temps (-30 below wind chills in the winter to 100+ in the summer) you need different bedding. I definitely capitalize on the fun of designing two rooms!


The only change in Carson’s design is that we decided to get rid of the bunk beds and use only the top bed for more floor space.


Days people, just days away from completion.


When Harv moved in I lessened the orange and added more mustard to blend what Harv had, otherwise this is it.


This is where our kitchen stands today. But, I have big plans for new white cabinet doors, new counter tops, new backsplash, and change out the paint color. That’s on the longer term project list.


The family room still needs some love. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was missing when I love the board I made but I wasn’t loving the room. Height! It’s lacking height! And lighting, but let’s focus on the height. All our furniture pieces are about the same level and it wasn’t until I added something large to the little boys room did I realize how cozy it made it feel. Vary your heights! Seriously. Add tall things, short things, medium things. Just make sure it’s not all the same! End rant.

You may notice there are no bathroom boards. Nope. It’s not because we love them or they don’t need work (because we don’t and they do) but rather I’m at a loss for what I want. Stay tuned! The downstairs bathroom is next on the list, so I’ll be figuring it out soon!







psst…the playroom above is nothing further from the truth! Wishful thinking?

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