My Birthday Weekend!

This weekend we celebrated my 29th birthday! It was my actual 29th birthday, too (not again, it was the first time). It was a fantastic weekend; I’m blessed and spoiled in all the right ways!

Friday, my parents took Jack to the cabin for the day and Caleb was able to go in early. That meant it was just Harv and I! I took advantage of this by doing some serious deep cleaning. It may not have been the best celebration, but I was thrilled when I was done. I’ve been on a big cleaning kick lately, sorting rooms, purging, and donating. It was great to get some of it done with a quiet house.

On Saturday, Jack, Harv and I went on an “adventure”, according to Jack. We went to Nothing Bundt Cakes. Yum. Only the most delicious thing ever. Free birthday bundlets, but one wasn’t enough so we grabbed two more for sharing! Then we went to a farmer’s market for some fresh fruit and veggies. $.50 for the biggest zucchini I’d ever seen. Look at that baby!


I love when the kids help pick out things that I know they’ll eat and are fresh and ready to go. Sadly we have yet to indulge in it. Also picked up some raspberries. After Harv’s nap, my sister invited us over for chicken fajitas at her house for dinner. Even though her and I were the only takers, they were delicious and the cousins always have a blast.

Sunday, my actual birthday, Caleb had off! With it being a weekend, that means he usually works & Carson and Ava are at their mom’s, so typically we celebrate during the week. However, since Caleb took the day off, we celebrated some on my birthday and then again on Monday when the kids returned. Parties for days 😉

Caleb planned out a fantastic day. Starbucks to start the morning. The first coffee I’ve had in 13 months. Needless to say it was aaaaamazing. Check out our dairy free days to know why. Then he went on a mission to make my cake/pie. This year was a surprise dessert – here is the recipe. Knowing I’m not a huge chocolate person, he went for sweet with a Lucky Charms pie!

Not a birthday around here unless you have a pic with your cake! (no cakes were harmed in the taking of this picture)

He spent all morning working on it. Bless his heart ♥


The kids were a little unsure, but I thought it was great and I know he worked hard just for me. We all decided though that the marshmallows on the top weren’t quite what we expected. All in all I was happy.

After church, lunch, and Harv’s nap we made a pitstop at the home improvement store then on to my parent’s house. We swam, played, ate a fabulous dinner, and had another mini party. So many blessings! It was the first time in a while I really “played” in the pool. Usually I’m baby watching or tired or my hair looks too good (vain I know, but really it’s a lot of work!).

Homemade party hats by my niece!
Homemade party hats by my niece! Harv was in love and refused to take it off! I accepted non-perfect hair.
This pic cracks me up. Even though Jack is totally fuzzy it's because as Harvey and I were practicing blowing candles, Jack runs in and poof! out it went! Ha. Boys.
This pic cracks me up. Even though Jack is totally fuzzy it’s because as Harvey and I were practicing blowing candles, Jack runs in and poof! out it went! Ha. Boys. Not sure how he blew it out so far away but it did. Go lungs!
And for memory sake, a picture of me "blowing out" said non lit candle.
And for memory sake, a picture of me “blowing out” said non lit candle.


After all the Sunday partying, we went home, put the babes to bed and rented a movie on iTunes. It was a perfect, well almost perfect, day. Just missing Carson and Ava. But when they returned on Monday, the birthday shenanigans continued and we opened presents they picked out for me and my Godmother and Uncle stopped over as well. Feeling the love all around ♥

I’m pretty proud of the last 9 years of my life and I’m looking forward to a great year to close out my 20s. I’m also super looking forward to my 30th birthday as I’ve been promised a island getaway with no babies!





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