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A few weeks back, I wrote about Parallel Parenting and how sometimes it proves better than coparenting. This time I’m back with a few suggestions and thoughts on parallel parenting forms and documents. It’s all great and dandy to be given advice, but doing something and taking action is much better.

Parallel Parenting Forms & Documents

Originally I intended to create a template just to offer you for free, but then my inner legal counsel decided against it and hear me out.

There is NOT one plan that I could give you that would provide you exactly everything you would need. Nope. Not even close. Every situation is different, every state plays by different rules, and every family has different wishes. Nothing I could offer would truly be of value to you. Which is also why I believe so very few exist.

The second issue is that my last post expressed the need for an official mediator of some sort IF the situation calls for it. Chances are if you’ve found yourself parallel parenting, there’s some type of conflict and creating a plan on your own is probably not your best idea. IN FACT, I so boldly say, seek out legal help. Yes, it’s expensive, but the rest of your life you’ll be glad you did.

BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t point you in the direction of some really wonderful forms and documents that already exist!

Links to Parallel Parenting Forms

  • Between Two Homes has many different forms, comparisons, even classes (if local!) for parallel and coparenting. Definitely worth a look.
  • Matthew Sullivan is a Clinical Psychologist that offers tons of free downloadable plans and templates in all types of parenting situations. Warning: he is based out of California and the laws may be different state to state. 
  • Developing a Child Custody Parenting Plan is a full workbook with examples and templates starting at Page 10 (although everything before page 10 is a great reminder and resource too!). Warning: again, state specific, check your home state laws prior to creating any plans. 
  • This Parenting Time Template is extremely specific and well thought out. Warning: again, state specific, check your home state laws prior to creating any plans. 
  • A checklist that provides as many details to be included in a parenting custody plan. There was a lot of great pieces of information to consider in this list!

One big thing I notice over and over is that there is very little acknowledgement for the little things that come up that don’t get pre-decided. Creating a set plan or knowing what to do when making these decisions is valuable.

For example, when children are of school age, who will pay for school lunches is a topic that seems to be ever present in our situation yet was never discussed formally. Each year it happens to change, which tends to get confusing. Having the ability or the option to work through these situations is important for everyone and their sanity.

Parallel Parenting Resources

  • Kate over at This Life in Progress is amazing! It’s a community she’s created for divorced and blended families. What I love the most about her is that she stands on both sides of the fence: mothering with an ex and newly blending a family as a step mom. It’s a lovely and refreshing viewpoint.
  • BeUnrehearsed – a Blog about coparenting/parallel parenting from the viewpoint of the Mom. It’s always good to see both sides of things!
  • Checklist that may help reduce conflicts – this is a great list of thoughts and suggestions. Warning: again, state specific, check your home state laws prior to creating any plans. 


I hope you find some success in whatever you are looking for! As always, feel free to ask any questions, I’m here to help and support!

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2 thoughts on “Parallel Parenting Forms & Resources

  1. Hey lady! I’ve been missing you (life is crazy in my world) but I just wanted to say THIS IS GREAT. We 100% parallel parent because it’s what works the best for our family, and I’m so glad to see you writing about it – I think people feel like failures if they can’t coparent well, and I don’t think it should be something people feel shame about!! If parallel parenting works best for your family, you should go forward with it!

    Thanks for writing this, my friend. <3

    1. Hi lovely lady! Thanks for your sweet words and support! Yes I miss you too! Life has been so ridiculously busy around here it’s nuts. I took a step back from internet world to just survive the real one ha! I’ll be in and out more lately but gosh we need to catch up soon!

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