Setting February 2017 Goals

It’s February and I’m ready to tackle some new goals (and some repeat offenders…)!

Read about January’s goals here or here.

Just like every other month, it’s very full with activities and plans, but I know we can squeeze a few goals in there and work towards them as well!

one//Help Caleb finish Ava’s room.

Yep Caleb and I both agree this There’s really only a few things left, but making it a priority is the issue. We will succeed! Positive thinking helps I hear 😉

two//Organize finances, taxes, and make a budget.

As the last few documents we need should be rolling in shortly, I have no concern that our taxes won’t get completed this month!

The budget on the other hand… I’d love it to get done especially knowing we want to cut spending a little and add more towards our trip to Florida.

three//Book and complete vacation plans for at least one of the two vacations we have this summer.

We’ve double and triple checked everything, but we still haven’t quite clicked the Buy Tickets button on the computer. So wrapping up at least one of these so we can put our mind at ease and then turn on the countdown clock would be fantastic!

four//Pack and Prep Jack (and Mom!) for Winter Camp. 

Jack will be having his first night away (not with my sisters or parents) and it’s for TWO NIGHTS and over an hour away in the coming weeks here. Jack doesn’t seem phased…yet. Praying that still continues.

Mom on the other hand, well I think it’s setting in how grown up he’s getting 🙁

It will be soooo weird! The kids are at their Mom’s. Caleb will be at work. So it’ll just be me and Harv for two days. What am I going to do?! Sleep. Yea that’s a great goal! Anyway, there’s lots to pack and get forms etc.


I’ve tossed around a few other goals, but I also know that adding anymore just will mean that those first two will be further and further away from success, so I’m sticking with these (hoping a Valentine’s date may happen!).

What goals do you have for February? Are a Valentine’s day person? Lots aren’t and I get it, but others just LOVE it 😉 see what I did there? Can’t wait to hear what your month is looking like!

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