Harvey Update | 21 Months

21 Month Update

Harvey hit the 21 Months accomplishment over spring break, so I wanted to share all his wonderful milestones he’s been rocking lately! We all are so head over heels with this little guy. He’s been the best little blessing ♥ makes us almost debate having another. Then he throws us a 2 week awful sleep scheduleRead more

Goals and Changes! 

First of all, for my new readers, welcome! So glad you’re here, it’s a great day to start! For my long lasting friends, you may have noticed my hiatus on Wednesday posting this month. I’d like to explain. Changes are coming! Be excited! Although we were plagued with the flu AND some awful cold typeRead more

5 Friday Favorites | 30

I apparently definitely and completely jinxed us Minnesotaners last week and I am oh so excited about it! Snow is a coming! This Mama is happy. The last few weeks of 60º has been the absolute best way to break up the long and usually dreary February, but I miss my winter. It’s back! I will attest thatRead more