Taking Back the Bedroom

The baby sleeps in our bedroom with us, sometimes it’s a parenting thing, mostly we just have no space that I’m ready to sacrifice. As 6 months since his arrival have already passed, it’s time to start settling in and making some decisions.

When we, meaning Caleb, rearranged the bedroom we had to find a way to fit in a full size crib, a rocker and more storage. With an already tiny room, we had our work cut out.

The plan was to flip the direction of the bed, remove the end of the bed bench, replace the dressers, and squeeze it all in. For the most part the current arrangements have been great.

Except the older he gets, the more he accumulates and the storage isn’t working, plus it’s an eye sore. It’s a lose-lose. Oh the amount of baskets. I also don’t like making organization decisions until a routine has been established, otherwise how do you know your wants and needs? Please tell me. Seriously.  I’d love this info faster.

With a fire lit under me from a new mattress purchase [hooray!], I knew it was time to make some serious improvements all around.

First, Caleb hung this shelf.


Yes he could’ve made one just like it, even nicer. Yes, it would not have a giant dent from shipping. But – it also is time he doesn’t have. It was an executive decision to buy vs. DIY as a time saving tactic. Anyway, the shelf houses baby books, baby hygiene supplies [think lotions, diaper cream etc. ], the light and sound machine and decorations I’ve been antsy to set out.

It came with 3 baskets, still debating if I want to use 1 [see above] or 2 like here.
Baby approves with giggles of delight every time we walk by it holding him!

Second, this is less of a storage issue – still necessary though- but for two years I’ve been looking for new curtains. Without the room painted a color or quality of our liking I’ve been hesitant to commit. Until now, I went for these and I love them!


The color, pattern, and semi casual feel is totally my deal. A close up with bad lighting, be patient that new camera and me are still learning to be friends!

Full pattern

Last change in the bedroom was adding pillows. Yes a minor change, but anything that adds some color, texture, and grandeur is alright with me. You’ll notice the new mattress and box spring make the bed almost a foot taller, yup we need a new headboard now.


That leaves us only a few things to do in here still:

  • Fix the walls – they’re awful bumpy.
  • Paint a softer brighter color – we’re thinking like a muted golden.
  • Update electrical outlets, no more dirty broken cream!
  • Trim.
  • Make a headboard [and quite possibly a stool, seriously a big difference in mattress height!]
  • Hang pictures, art, and mirror <– buy a mirror we like, too.

All in time, yet the list is small! I love checking things off the list!

What’s your favorite part of your Master? Soft bedding? Modern lighting? A great closet? Or maybe freedom from the baby?! We’d love to hear!



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