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Caleb and I somehow got sooo behind on everything! We have zero (yes ZERO) presents under the tree and the Christmas cards are sitting on my desk waiting to be mailed. I decided to take today off from work and be an elf with Caleb. We are headed out to buy all the kids presents and hopefully accomplish a few other family members on the way. Wish us luck! While we hustle, enjoy reading our monthly post all about our kiddos!

Each month I will ask my kiddos a handful of questions that the TKBTB hosts provide and then share those answers with us in a link-up post the second Wednesday of each month. Check out last month here!

Simple enough, right? Read on for their answers! This an extra long Christmas version. Enjoy!

Question 1:// Which Reindeer is your favorite?

Carson: Rudolph because of his nose. 

Ava: Rudolph and Donner but I don’t really know the reindeers that well.

Jack: Rudolph he has a red shiny nose.


Question 2:// What do you want for Christmas?

Carson: Ecto Goggles. (These are all we’ve found on eBay….)

Ava: Architect Go Plus. The modern version (Find it here!)

Jack: A Bruder snowplow.

Question 3:// What would you do if you caught Santa at your house?

Carson: Hold him ransom until he told me the exact location of his hideout.

Ava: I would ask him his favorite cocoa flavor and where the North Pole is! Especially the cocoa.

Jack: Ask him “do you want some extra cookies or something to drink?” And then give him a present.


Question 4:// What would you do if Santa got caught in the chimney?

Carson: I would pull him down. 

Ava: Maybe give him a push or take a wrecking ball and lower him. Hmm.

Jack: Nothing much. Pull him down I guess and then grab the presents (Yep. He’s the kindness kid ladies and gentleman. Be afraid.)


Question 5:// Do you want it to snow on Christmas day or no? Why or why not?

Carson: Uncle. Yes, because it looks pretty! 

Ava: Yes, because then when you look outside it’s so nice and it’s always snowing on Christmas in the movies.

Jack: Yes the fluffy kind so I can play with my new toys!


Question 6:// Have you been naughty or nice this year? Why?

Carson: Mix. 

Ava: I’ve been nice.

Jack: Hmmm nice.

Question 7:// If Santa asked you to fly in his sleigh, would you go with?

Carson: Yea. 

Ava: Yes! Of course!

Jack: Um maybe, I’m afraid of heights though.


Question 8:// What is favorite Christmas movie?

Carson: National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. We watched it a few weeks ago at Mom’s house. 

Ava: Let it snow! (On the Hallmark Channel) Mom and I watch movies every weekend.

Jack: I don’t know any.


Question 9:// If you could change Rudolph’s nose color, what would it be?

Carson: Blue my favorite color! 

Ava: Rhinestones and silver. Like a disco ball!

Jack: Lime green!


Question 10:// Sing me a Christmas Carol!

Carson: We wish you a Merry Christmas 

Ava: The Hot Chocolate song from Polar Express

Jack: Jingle bells


Ok first of all, my kindness kid stealing Santa’s presents. Hmmm. I see some issues this. Secondly, apparently Rudolph is a well loved reindeer! Mine is Olive (read more here). Oh! And a Bruder snow plow? Yea he doesn’t want that, but ok. The movie thing hit a sore spot over here, but I’ll just leave it at that. And YES, Jack has seen Christmas movies haha. I’m totally loving on all of the Rudolph nose changes, although disco totally tops out as my favorite! My absolute favorite part of the questions this week was the singing of the Christmas Carols! They all did amazing job of getting the words correctly, but Harv and I loved listening and giggling along with them. I shall be instigating random Christmas song shows again!

Hope you enjoyed! What were your favorites? Anything surprise you?


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