The truth in our yard.

Most people do outside yard prep in the spring. When you live in Minnesota that’s your hope and goal, too. However, there still can be the occasional snow storm (cancelled school two years ago in the middle of May) or a good frost like 3 weeks ago to make you hesitant to plant anything too early.

I’m typically extra cautious for a few reasons.

1. I don’t have a green thumb. No idea what the opposite of a green thumb is, but it would be me. Killing things comes natural, so I shouldn’t add any extra fuel to that fire.

2. I hate to admit it, but I’m a bad combo of lazy and unknoweldgeable when it comes to planting and garden care so I prefer not to do things twice.

3. Time is more available in June.

So I plant in June. This has its pros and cons, some being that we don’t eat home grown veggies till later. But, thankfully, there’s a farmers market within walking distance and they’re more on top of things than me.

Our yard is divided into two distinct sections: blazing hot full sun from 8am – 8pm OR pure shade. All. The. Time Seriously polar opposites and nothing in between.


The vegetable garden was planted last weekend and resides on the sunny side. I can usually get a decent stash to grow there, but last year bunnies and deer reaped the benefits, not us. This year before things start coming up, we are working on building a fence. I’m not thrilled. I think it totally takes away from my raised beds Caleb made for me. Practicality and necessity won.

I also always do a few annual planters by the front door and a few herb planters by the deck. Annuals for color, herbs for dinner!


Otherwise everything else is a perennial and fairly easy to maintain. Sun, water, weed. Check check check. I can handle that. All of the flowers have come from my aunt, mom, and mother in law. I am pretty lucky to have such great gardeners in the family!



The bad part is the yard was, still kind of is, a giant mess. We’ve been working on fixing it up. Mistake. We should’ve started with a clean slate. With all our exterior plans ready for this summer, we’ll get there but I do know there will be lots of rearranging, splitting plants, and some much needed love to the shade side that is 100% completely overgrown and yuck.

Can’t wait to see all of the yard come together. Wish us luck!



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