Time to Start Fresh with April Goals

Goals April 2017

A few things I need to check in with first on this lovely April morning. Some good, some well just straight up ugly.

First of all, when I changed over my theme and design last week, it was brought to my attention (Thanks Sierra!) that my comments weren’t working. I added attempted to add an extra safety feature. Resulting in apparent chaos. It’s all fixed, for now…

The second issue was the Giveaway I have had going on.  From the above plugin issue, it completely shut down any and all access to signing up! My friends I AM SO SORRY! Not going to lie, I’d been all “no one wants free stuff, weird.” all week. I believe it is all fixed now and you should be good to go!
I’ve even made it easier to enter and win, because well sometimes technology sucks and we all need a little pick me up here or there!

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So there’s my ugly and hmm the good? I guess I should think of something for that….

Anyway I appreciate all the input, feedback, and thoughts as I transferred everything. Seriously, you all are the best!! HTML is a my second language.

Like I said though, the sun is shining , it’s a beautiful day and let’s focus this month on wonderful things!

My word for 2017 was intentional. I’ve really made efforts to be intentional with decisions with the kids, my time with Caleb, and just overall use of my own time. That means I’ve really put effort into evaluating what I do with my time and how I can be more efficient with it.

// March Goals Check In //

  1. Re-design the blog.
  2. Finish Ava’s room.
  3. Create time for an anniversary date.
  4. Update the family binder.

Thankfully the blog is finished; although I’m really happy with it, it was a huge time suck and I’m glad it’s over.

Ava’s closet is finished and I’ll be sorting clothes with her today and moving her in as soon as possible! The last thing is the mirror covered door to hide the electrical box, which we have all the pieces for, so we’re hoping to wrap it up fast!

You can read an update on our anniversary-flu-pandemic here that threw off the whole date factor.

I had complete intention of completing the family binder over my spring break, but I received 2 coupons to Shutterfly for free photo books, so I used that time to plow through a book for Jack and a book for Ava instead. The coupons expired last week and I wanted to be smart about it! Carson’s book will be up next. Then we’ll give them to the kids all at once. Fairness at its finest.

// April Goals //

Like I mentioned, I’ve started to really evaluate my use of time lately. I set goals each month and I LOVE a good to do list (crossing things off is oh so nice! Confession: sometimes I add things just to cross them off; please tell me I’m not alone). But when something comes up that’s more important, more pressing, or just more necessary it’s hard to constantly look back and be all “You failed Sam” (yes, I talk to myself). Because I didn’t fail! Yes those 3-4 big things maybe didn’t get done. But the 600 things Caleb and I do each week DID get crossed off.

As I look forward to the weeks in April I am fully anticipating not getting much accomplished in the random task column. It’s Easter, my mother in law is visiting from Florida, and softball is starting. Those are wonderful things we’re all looking forward to, but also events that use our time.

My point of all this, is be nice to yourself. Goals and to-do lists are amazing and help with productivity! But if life happens, which it does, everyday!, then enjoy those things, keep up and they’ll be more time another day too. I keep reminding myself that “babies don’t keep” and I have 4 that I’m holding on to extra tight lately.

My hopeful goals:

  1. Start and finish putting together Easter baskets.
  2. Plan and prepare party for Jack’s First Communion.
  3. Easter Egg dyeing DIY I really want to complete (anyone know where a girl can find white ceramic eggs!?)
  4. Maybe get to that family binder.

What about you? Any April Goals you’re setting? Let’s work on them together! Does life get in the way or do you choose to do lists over the rest of the stuff going on? Anyone play tricks on you!? I’m always up for a good laugh!

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// Legal Notes //

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