This time of year is quickly becoming my favorite and yet it’s never been that way. Fall is fantastic: vest, sweaters, crisp air, beautiful trees, etc. We live in Minnesota so summers are treasured gold and winter, well we wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t something grand about it. But March, March holds a special spot.

It’s wonderful. The warmth is just starting to peek through, the haze of winter hibernation is lifting, and the joy in everyone’s step is just a little brighter. But the one thing that seals the deal for me is our anniversary!


Yep, we hit the big two. Ha. It’s so comical to us. It’s so little; seems almost insignificant but there are lots we’ve managed to fill in those 24 months and with each passing month we step a little further away from those ugly second marriage statistics.

Caleb and I laugh about “two”. It’s so small yet we both feel like our souls have known each other for years upon years longer than that. It’s a pretty great feeling.

I knew our first date he was my person. He confirmed it the day he agreed to plan a wedding in 41 days. A “real” wedding too, and no I wasn’t pregnant. He still is my person always has been, always will be.

Happy anniversary love, thanks for making me the luckiest gal and I’m glad I get to spend this chaos with you daily. I wouldn’t have it any other way!


All my love,

The wifey ♡♡

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