Valentine’s Weekend

Usually valentine’s is not a big thing around here.  No major decorations or plans but this year, our weekend was pretty fantastic. Not only was it an automatic long weekend – go President’s Day!, we had the chance to spend it with all our loves in some way shape or form.

Friday, we baby sat the niece which was super fun. Caleb even mentioned how fun it was having a little girl around again. Soo different from all those boys we have. #5 maybe?! Ha. Maybe.

All of the kids also had Valentine parties at school with card and candy exchanges. I was less than thrilled going on a wild goose chase for Quaker Oats heart-shaped cereal, only to find out it’s discontinued. Whomp whomp. Oh pinterest ideas. Oh well, Kashi to the rescue!

Saturday was spent with my sister, her babes, and our two youngest riding kiddie rides and out to lunch. Hooray for free unlimited ride wristbands!

Boo to bad phone pics.
Boo to bad phone pics.

Sunday, Jack, Harvey (well he had bananas) and I had heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast of course -with a side of Legos and candy, special cookies after church, and then we brought Caleb lunch to work. Even though he had to work, it still was perfect. Plus we celebrated early, without any children (say what?!) on Tuesday of this past  week.

This is what the baby looks like when he wears 18 month clothes and "Baby's First Valentine's" clothes only go to 9 month sizes. Go figure.
Apparently baby’s first valentine’s outfits only go to size 9 months. After that it’s not their first.  That doesn’t work for an 8 month baby in 18 month clothes. Go figure. Love our “milk man” and the big brother anyway!

It was nothing uber special, crazy, or extra pink & red but we loved it all the same. The only thing missing were Carson & Ava and they’ll be back soon!

Hope you all had a lovely valentine’s with the ones you love!



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