Ways to De-Stress | Blogtember #16

This post is coming in late because well it’s been a crazy stressful week and I felt that adding more to plate would only be counter productive towards the goal of this post! The prompt today is ways to de-stress, so silly to stress myself out about it.

I’m feeling more sane and if you haven’t, pop over to my Friday Favorites post to see more ways to de-stressĀ in the comments (also there’s a giveaway!).

Ill make it short and sweet these are my favorite ways to de-stress!

one//Bathes. Water is so therapeutic. Getting into a nice warm bubble bath is instant de-stresser.

two//Mediation and Prayer. Sometimes I just need to sit down, be quiet, and pray.

three//Coffee. I’ll be honest: a fancy store bought coffee is liquid gold.

four//Calligraphy and Writing. This is kind of a two for one. I love handwriting and practicing my calligraphy, but also love writing and blogging.

Plus a bonus!

Sometimes the best way for me to not be stressed is to catch the warning signs I’m getting there and slow down. Typically, my stress comes from overbooking myself and saying yes to too many people. If I see the signs or Caleb sees them (he probably does first!), then I step back and re-evaluate my to do list to be more manageable.

Have a great Friday and make sure you take some time to to enjoy life and step away from stress!



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