We fell for it.

All parents have worries for their children. Some are big, like surgery and life support big. Others are small, like will they remember how to tie their shoe if it comes undone small. Then there’s the ones in the middle. The ones where most of us parents really live in. The in betweeners, where you stay up a little too late thinking and wonder what will be effected.

Well, we’ve been in that middle zone with Harvey for over 9 months now and I’m thrilled to say, we’re slowly leaving those worries behind.

See, we were fooled. Fooled into believing that because we both have endured some pretty tough baby stuff before, that Harvey would be a breeze. Yep. We were wrong. He was a trick, because we were told he was healthy comparatively and we fell for it.

Harvey didn’t sleep, was colicky. All. The. Time. vomited up everything he ate and was in so much discomfort he nursed all the time. It was exhausting on all of us. Yes, he could’ve been worse we both are fully aware. But, we weren’t prepared for this either.

It didn’t take us long to figure out his sensitivity to everything I ate. So, I cleared out diary 100% from my diet and pretty much anything else rumored to give babies trouble. We did decide that medicine was of value to him, although I completely understand the case against it. Slowly as he grew, the colic and vomitting lessened and we all adjusted to a family member with special dietary needs. [kudos to all of you that deal daily – WHAT A LIFE CHANGER].

We were told that most babies grow out of it by 6 months and reflux, diary sensitivity and projectile vomit is fairly common. Well as 6 months went by, then 7, then 8, and then 9 months our worries and fears resonated with permanency. The thought of it all was overwhelming and disappointing.

Until one day, and I can’t tell you how we knew, but I tried cheese and we waited. No vomit. No restless sleep. No craken. So, we had hope. Little by little I tried different things. We were, and still are, so cautious. If he tried a new baby food, then I didn’t change anything. If I tried something it was small and repetitive [think allergy testing process]. It’s been a journey and introducing it all back to both of us still will be for quite some time.

I am THRILLED to say, yesterday we shared yogurt and berries! Together. No issue for Harvey and no issue for me [which could’ve been another problem in itself]. So we’re celebrating around here, because we can, with some more yogurt! Needless to say we both are pretty into it 😉

Who me? Trouble? Nahhhh.
Who me? Trouble? Nahhhh.

There’s still a long way to go. He still is on meds. I still don’t drink milk or eat a lot of other dairy. But it’s progress and well, it’s keeping those worries at bay so we’re all sleeping better too!


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