Week|end| Rewind

The weekend really started for us last Tuesday, as the kids had Wednesday off from school. We just relaxed that night since our day had been a little abnormal; we had our nieces over for a morning play and lunch date! Harv was thrilled to have the extra company. He really misses the big kids while they’re at school.

Wednesday though became pretty hectic real fast as we had a big snowfall overnight and the baby was sick, fevery, and cranky as heck when we woke up. So Caleb bundled Harv up to go Minute Clinic – word of advice, they don’t accept patients under 18 months. Grr. Appointment made for later in the day with a pediatrician. While I taught my morning classes and Caleb was off with Harv, those 3 sweet big kids of ours shoveled the driveway. It wasn’t perfect, but it was so amazing. They really know how to pull it together. They even told me that they knew I was busy and that Harv would probably need extra care, so they just wanted to help. Melt my heart.

My poor sick baby.
My poor sick baby.

After the busy morning and Harvey’s appointment (left ear infection), we settled in for some extra family time as the kids would be leaving early to spend Thanksgiving with their Mom. We made pizza and let them have root beer for lunch, which never happens. Carson was so sweet again, he was so thankful! He really is maturing into a great kid and a great leader for the other kids. Sure he has his moments, but he’s been really focused in on gratitude and appreciation lately. Sure makes us feel good and like we’re doing something right!

That night we had planned a date night weeks ago. As a graduation present, my sister offered to watch the gang so Caleb and I could get in some quality time. Well we realized that we weren’t prepared for December 1st and Harvey was so cranky and Mom-needy, that we ended up running errands with the baby in tow. Not really date-ish, but we found husband and wife time later when we picked up sushi to go and had a family room picnic on the floor watching The Princess Bride. It ended up being a great day, even though it started a little off.

Yum. I need more again.

Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you had a fantastic day with family and friends! Our day started with a big family breakfast of homemade monkey bread, bacon, sausage, eggs, and orange juice. We watched the Macy’s Parade and then Face Time’d Caleb’s Mom in Florida to say hi. After that the kids went to their Mom’s this year. After the kids were picked up, Caleb, Jack, Harvey and I packed up and headed to Caleb’s Grandma’s for a visit. We headed home after about an hour so the sick babe could get a nap in before we went to my Mom’s for dinner.

While Harvey napped, Jack and I watched a little of the Vikings game and I taught him the basics of football. It was funny. He has never been interested ever but was really curious that day. Harv woke up shortly after and was still uber tired and cranky so we snuggled and both fell asleep. Oops! Guess it was needed.

Once at my Mom’s, we celebrated with my whole family! My sister and her husband were able to travel in from Kansas. My Mom and Dad had a delicious Thanksgiving meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing (or dressing? Which do you say?!), cranberry sauce, jello bundt cake thing, crescent rolls, and green bean casserole. Yum! I ate way too much dinner and am not really a dessert person so I finished my meal with candy cane ice cream (bring on Christmas!), but Caleb had apple pie and pumpkin roll. There was also chocolate pecan pie, too!

Helping roll crescent rolls!
Helping roll crescent rolls!

After dinner, we played hide and go seek in the dark with everyone, but my dad, someone had to do the dishes and watch the pup. It was so much fun! The little kids were so into it and the grown up were too 😉 I will admit that my hiding partner was not so good. We were found early on in each game. Thanks Harv, thanks. We also got in a few rounds of pictionary and charades.

In the past I was a huge Black Friday shopper. Got up at 2, grabbed coffee, waited in lines, etc. The whole deal. But once it started encroaching on Thanksgiving and my family started to grow, I lost my enthusiasm. So Friday started with sleeping in and coffee from the coffee shop at 8:00am. Caleb and I both found motivation though, because he spent the day working on final touches of Ava’s room (she’s all moved in now, pics coming soon!) and I purged, cleaned, and reorganized our crawl space. I happily had our mini van full of things to donate and will have another load now that Ava is moved in and I can clean and organize the playroom and my office space.

I swear it's 100% cleaner than it looks right here. Hahaha.
I swear it’s 100% cleaner than it looks right here. Hahaha.

Saturday was spent all about Christmas! Harv and I set out early to actually deliver the load of things to donate and to go pick out a new Christmas tree. Since I have awful allergies to anything that’s green, we have an artificial tree and last year it went capoot. I was thrilled to see Michael’s have a 7 ft pre lit (yellow lights) tree for $39! Crazy deal. We got there early for the Saturday door buster only to find it out it was a pencil tree (not listed in the ad) and it was sold out anyway. So we met Jack and Caleb at Home Depot and settled on a 7 ft pre lit with yellow lights NOT pencil on sale for $79. Either way it was a great deal and I’m one happy mama. The house is almost all decorated! I have a few things let to DIY and get settled, but it’s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

He was in absolute AWE the entire time I built it. Now I'm wrangling ornaments daily.
He was in absolute AWE the entire time I built it. Now I’m wrangling ornaments daily.
A teeny sneak peek!
A teeny sneak peek!

We spend Sunday finishing up the decorating and styling of Ava’s room and running errands. I don’t think Caleb or I sat down all weekend. We used every ounce of time we had to plow through our to do list and we came out on top! Such an awesome feeling! Now if only that girl would get home so we could surprise her! She has no idea. I’ll let you know how it all went shortly!

I hope you had a fantastic long weekend that was filled with family, friends, and stuffed bellies. Happy Monday!




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